Sunday 11 December 2016

KidloLand - An Interactive App Review

There's no denying that the world in which we live in is a crazy old technology filled place.

Yet it still really surprises me just how tech-savvy kiddies are.

They seem to know everything don't they and I don't just mean the older kids either - yes, my eleven year old does know his stuff and even talked me through creating a play-list on You Tube yesterday (I now realise just how easy this is) but it would seem that even my one year old knows what she is doing.

If she grabs hold of a mobile phone she knows that by "asking" for long enough her favourite song videos will appear on the screen, as if my magic, and she is always tap, tap, tapping and swiping the screen to see what happens.

They pick even the smallest of things up so quickly.

And so, with this in mind, when KidloLand contacted me to ask if I would like to have a look at their interactive, educational children's app, well, I thought I would give it a try.

KidloLand have designed their app to include over five hundred different learning activities, games and songs designed specifically for children under five years of age.

Each song and activity has bright colours, is fun, very engaging, features crazy sounds and cute looking characters, all of which pull the kiddies in, grasping their attention straight away.

Now please don't get me wrong, I never want Willow to be glued to any kind of electronic device at all.

However, on occasion I personally don't see any issue with her using them, especially the things which grasp her imagination - anything that will keep her mind busy is a winner in my book...

I particularly found the games and the nursery rhyme sections of this app really useful for this...

...they all have lots of loud music, singing and with Willow being only fourteen months old we have used these areas the most so far - I feel that a lot of the games are a little too advanced for her at the moment.

Once she is older though - in the very near future - there is no doubt that we will be getting stuck into them all.

So - nursery rhymes - what did we find?

Well, there are twenty five different song pack sections and each one contains either three or four different songs - so that's quite a lot of nursery rhyme action to be going along with.

Plus the app is constantly updating and changing too so things will never becoming boring or monotonous at all.

Then, once you have chosen the song (or songs) that you want, it is simply a case of downloading (some are free and some cost extra) and then tapping to play.

Each song clip is interactive - tap a bird or a ladybird or a star and they will wave "Hello" or make a funny noise - and everything is really brightly coloured...

Being an American app however, it means that a few of the songs are slightly different versions to the ones we usually sing at playgroup or at home but that didn't seem to bother Willow in the slightest...

She loves the songs and always dances along to the music, tapping the screen as it plays to see what new things she can discover.

And as I said, as she grows and develops the matching and sorting and number games will be really beneficial.

We're fans anyway  - the only problem now is that both kiddies - the eleven year old You Tube fan and the one year old KidloLand fan want the iPad at the same time...

~ Eeek ~

Download the app for Android or iTunes now.

And I hope your little one enjoys it as much as Willow does

* years app subscription provided free of charge - words, opinions & pictures all my own

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