Friday 20 January 2017

Fitness Friday - Can we re-write this whole week please...?

Well this week has been a bit of a failure in a lot of respects really.

~ I haven't managed to find any time at all to finish off the blog posts that I really need to have published by now.

~ I haven't managed to get to the gym much at all - the Hubby has been on call with work and has worked late almost every day this week so it's been a bit impossible really.

~ and I managed to put ON a pound and a half at weigh in yesterday which is far from bloody ideal now is it.

* sigh *

But if nothing else, it's all come together in a big ball of rubbishness and has made me take a long hard look at what I'm doing - or what I'm not doing as is the case.

With my food I know things have to change even more - a huge part of the Slimming World plan is to eat lots (at least a third of your plate) of Speed food - which is basically vegetables or fruit.

This is something I know I haven't been doing nearly as much as I should and I don't even know why because I love them.

So I'm dragging out the books and magazines and I'm planning - I'm going to stick in a few SP days too (which is more or less no carbs) in a hope that I can loose the weight from this week as quickly as I found it.

Exercise wise, well until the other half is no longer on call it's touch and go if I can get to the gym so I'm going to hope for a few dry, gale force wind less days and myself and Willow will be setting off, out into the fresh air for some lovely park filled afternoons.

And also, you may have spotted me having a moan over on Twitter this week about the Hubby now having a fab new Fitbit in his possession - something I've wanted for ages (no, you're sulking!) - so I'm going to try persuade him to let me borrow it, for a day if nothing else, that way I can see how many steps I manage to clock up during an "average" day.

I mean there is so much that I do which must account for some sort of exercise...

~ there's the running up and down the stairs four times in a row before we even manage to leave the house for the school run because 1. my son has left something in his bedroom 2. I go to find it but then put it down to fold up his shower towel and then forget to grab it again 3. I then run up again and think I'm being all multi-tasking-clever by grabbing the bathroom bin to empty it as I run past...only again, I forget the thing I ran back up for in the first place...

And so it continues.
(I'm getting old - it's inevitable)

~ not to mention the times I try to nip into the kitchen in an attempt to quickly empty the washer/make a drink/make food for myself or Willow/feed the cat.

The speed at which any of these tasks must to be carried out should burn calories like crazy because everything has to be completed before my lightening fast crawler of a daughter zooms in behind me, beelines for the cat food and grabs a handful of biscuits before launching them (she has an amazing throw) across the room.

Then, to rub salt into the fact that I'm obviously too slow for her, those launched cat biscuits will get an extra swoosh across the room with her arms and legs - just to make sure they scatter that little bit more.

And if Mummy still isn't faster than fast with sweeping them up then - oh - into the mouth one will go...

This is a daily occurrence...

...of about four or five times...

~ and then there is the task of trying to dress this little fifteen month old when she does not want to get changed.

~ Wow ~

There really can be nothing or no-one stronger in the whole world than a small human who does not want to do something.

The fifteen or so laps around the room trying to grab her and keep her still whilst finding just the right toy to keep her occupied whilst nappies, socks, vests. leggings and tops are put on certainly creates a bit of a flustered Mummy let me tell you.

And all before 8am too - and usually on just one coffee and only five hours sleep.


...and there go the socks again - pulled off and shoved under the sofa...

Hmmm...can anyone tell me why I'm actually not a size ten again please.
(it's OK - I know why - it's my love of the chocolate!)

Come on week three - be kinder to me please

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