Friday 13 January 2017

Fitness Friday - A Slow Start Is Still A Start...

~ Fitness Friday ~

So I'm back - I survived my first week on this new little journey of mine and actually, whilst is has been slower progress than I would have liked, looking back a fair bit has actually happened.

~ On Saturday, despite feeling really nervous and apprehensive, at 8am I stepped back into the gym for the first time in over six months and I completed my first Spin Class.

I actually didn't expect to feel as worried about going back to the gym as I did if I'm honest.

I mean I know my fitness levels are a lot lower than they once were but I don't think that was even the issue really, I was more scared of venturing into the gym I once spent - at the very least - eight hours a week, a gym where I knew (and as it turns out still do know) a whole lot of people but this time, rather than being the very active, size ten regular I once was I'm now more of a size 14-ish, not very active, get-out-of-breath-quickly gym newbie really.

I was worried people would judge - judge how I performed in the class and judge how I look.

Which now that I've been seems really rather silly - no-one cares about why I'm there or why I'm back or why I haven't been - they are there for them and I am there for me.

Anyway in the class I made a beeline for a bike in the very far corner of the room - one right at the back, away from mirrors and away from the instructor.

I found myself constantly peeking around the room at everyone else and obviously, I compared myself throughout the class to them and their faster than fast flying legs.

Because I was slow - oh so slow...

And I'll admit, that 45 minute class was bloody hard and at the end of it I was very sweaty, I found it difficult to walk up the steps on my jelly legs and oh my goodness did they hurt on Sunday morning.

But do you know what, I did it and for that alone I was rather impressed with myself.

I even walked straight up to reception and booked another four classes in for the following week.

And since that day...

~ I've been back into the gym and I took part in another Spin Class - it was only a thirty minute beginners session this time but I sat right at the very front, I made sure I watched my technique in the mirror and I willed my legs to go a whole lot faster than they did before.

~ I have donned a swimming costume too and didn't feel self conscious or awkward one little bit...granted it wasn't for me to actually go swimming (because I can't swim) but it was to take Willow into the water for a Toddler Swim session - something I've avoided for months and months.

And then food wise...

Well I've dragged the slow cooker back out and have enjoyed making a fair few Slimming World friendly family meals this week - things we can all enjoy together.

~ And then yesterday I went to Slimming World to be weighed, although I was really disappointed with only a half pound loss...I mean come on, I'm sure I could pee half a pound.

But a loss is a loss so they say, I'm just going to keep my head in the game and hope for better results next week.

Let us see shall we...

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