Tuesday 21 February 2017

Clementoni - An Older Kiddies Bundle Of Goodies

You may have spotted that a few weeks ago I mentioned us having a fab, pre-Christmas bundle of Clementoni gifts sent our way in a post where I let you in on all that Willow was treated to.

Well today's post is all about the lovely gifts Charlie was given within that bundle...

Charlie who - if you didn't know - is my very beautiful, way-too-cool-to-be-plastered-all-over-Mum's-embarrassing-social-media-every-day, amazing eleven year old son.

Charlie is a boy who is very much into his computer games and his WWE right now and as I've said before (see here), anything which gets his mind ticking and keeps him engaged and thinking (especially with the dreaded Year Six SATs exams looming over us) is very welcome in this house...especially if it is fun and interesting too.

And these kits that we received from Clementoni certainly ticked all of those boxes..

Now we've actually never used anything like these before, not the older age range of construction/educational type kits anyway but I'm really glad we had the opportunity to give these a try.

As Charlie is getting older there are a lot of changes on the horizon for him - the biggest being his move from primary to secondary school this September (*gulp*).

And when we popped along to have a look around some potential new schools at their open evenings last year, Charlie was really interested in the Science departments - in particular all of the different experiments that were being showcased - he watched a few dissections being carried out (by my old GCSE teacher no less!) and experiments being worked through and it really spiked his interest.

So having this Electricity kit...

...and being able to have some fun, chilled out, "what I might be doing in high school" practice at home has not only helped Charlie to learn and understand a few things a little better but it also seems to have given him a bit of a confidence boost too.

Rather than be apprehensive about how things will happen in high school - like "How will I set up an experiment?" for example, he now feels that no matter what is asked of him, with a little instruction and practise he will be able to have a try at anything.


Charlie also liked the other, quite similar kit he was given - the Mechanics Laboratory - it again is very hands on and whilst slightly challenging, solving puzzles and thinking for himself are skills Charlie has to get used to - and this again helped him begin to master them - and he really enjoyed doing it too, which is always a bonus...

Both kits came neatly presented, all of the bits and pieces were in separate little bags ensuring they were safe and together, and whilst a lot of the instructions were very lengthy, they were clear, detailed and step-by-step.

We really found these sets fabulous.

~ Perfect for rainy half-term days stuck in the house

~ Perfect for gifts

~ Perfect for educating without actually seeming like work


* sets sent free of charge as part of an Ambassador Programme - words, thoughts & images 100% my own

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