Tuesday 18 April 2017

Fred's Box - A Minifigure Subscription Box

When it comes to delving into the world of subscription boxes, whilst I'm no expert, I'm certainly no novice either.

And over the years I've experienced the good, the bad and the ugly...but mainly they've been quite amazing.

I've had boxes for the baby, boxes for beauty and boxes catered around all kinds of geekiness but something I've noticed that was lacking a little bit were subscriptions catered for the older kiddies - my eleven year old has mentioned on more than one occasion how he often feels left out with all of the parcels landing at our door, none of which are ever really for him.

Having something arrive at the house regularly that is just for him - which no-one else is allowed to open - would really help him feel less left out, especially if it is something that he is very interested in, and luckily for us we have recently been introduced to Fred's Box - a subscription box service that caters for children - boys and girls - aged between five and fourteen years of age.

~ Hurrah ~

Now Fred's Box began it's journey very recently in fact in January 2017, and Fred (the very cute seven year old who's minifigure obsession ignited the idea behind Fred's Box's beginnings) and his Mum decided to set about helping other minifigure enthusiasts build their fabulous collections with custom made figures spanning a whole host of themes.

They are really fantastic and the second I heard of them I knew Charlie would be thrilled - especially when he actually saw just how high quality the figures are (oh and I should point out that they are not Lego figures).

They are a perfect addition to any young (or slightly older!) person's collection...

The minifigures that are sent out are usually a total surprise to their recipient, however if there is a particular theme that is required Fred's Box are really open to suggestions and a quick, very friendly email chat is all it takes to tailor an order more towards what is required.

The boxes are sent out around the same time each month (with free postage too - always a winner!) meaning that the kiddies know that by the last week of each month there should be a gift arriving for them sometime soon.

Like a bit of a mini birthday surprise arriving ever four weeks...oooh, actually, what a fab birthday gift a Fred's Box subscription package would be to get for someone...

Anyway, Charlie received a fab, six figure crammed box that was addressed direct to him (and he loved it as he "never gets any post") and because all of Fred's Box's parcels are designed so that they fit through a standard letter box, even though we were out when it arrived it meant no annoying missed package leaflets were left for us - Charlie received his treats the day he was supposed to, which was brilliant...

Charlie couldn't wait to delve in...

...and he was really impressed with what he found...

(Note: these are not "Lego" Charlie they are "custom made minifigures"...they never listen these kids do they...!)

Charlie hadn't seen a few of the characters inside of the box before and he couldn't wait for me to let him take them away so he could add them to his stash.

He actually hasn't had a day away from them since they arrived - so, for the too-cool-for-school eleven year old that he is, that's his way of letting me know he's a very happy chap with his Fred's Box contents.

Thank you Fred's Box for introducing us to such a fab, fun way to treat the kiddies

* box sent free of charge for review purposes - thoughts, views & images are 100% our own

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