Wednesday 19 April 2017

Mirror Mirror On The Wall...

"Mirror mirror on the wall..."

When you actually think about it, mirrors have always been a fairly huge part of everything around us haven't they...

They play roles in childhood fairy-tale stories, they are there in every (almost every) shop we venture into, they are in cars, in dentists, in hospitals - they are everywhere and they all have a different purpose to serve - and usually a very useful one.

I know over the years the mirrors that I've had have been used by myself every day...I mean have you seen me in a morning...I need my mirror to simply help me look human.

But are they more than a necessity?

Well yes actually they are and I've recently fallen into a mirror-wanting trap when it comes to decorating and fancy-ing up my home a bit.

And I do see it as a bit of a trap because I've found that the more the mirror sways away from being "a necessity" to being pretty and decorative and elaborate, the more blooming expensive it will be.

Which is the main reason that the mirrors I've had in my home before now have all been for convenience rather than decoration - it's all I've wanted really (apart from an amazing bluetooth - yes bluetooth - mirror I spotted over at Pebble Grey now that I really did want) but I've found that with my current little home upgrade projects, fancy-pants mirrors have totally taken over my life.

I did one simple internet search for "copper mirrors"  and that was it, life consumed with all things reflective - I just couldn't get enough of them.

Naturally I found that one mirror I just had to a far away distant internet land...but of course I became so hooked on it, so trapped by it that nothing else would do...

...and luckily for me (and for my poor "had enough of mirror talk" Husband) I only went and found it didn't I...

A huge, statement framed, copper coloured, room matching mirror which was very worthy of pride of place in my newly decorated living room.

And yes - it was expensive - but by this point I was all-consumed and it had to be mine regardless of everything - even the fact that it would be so high up on the wall that it could barely ever be used as an actual mirror - it's an ornament - but who cares about silly things like "purpose" right...

It is fab though isn't it and it has certainly helped upgrade my living room massively and is a real talking point to anyone who spots it...I've even been told it's "very blogger"....

* dusts shoulders off *

So yes, I now have an all new love/appreciation/obsession for beautiful, fancy-pants mirrors - they are no longer simply a way to check how ogre-like I look before I leave the house, they are now a thing of (expensive) interior-enhancing beauty.

And I love them

* sponsored post - words, images & mirror-love 100% my own

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