Tuesday 27 June 2017

Finding A Dress - Is It Really That Difficult?

I've come to the conclusion that as organised as I like to think I am, really, I'm a total last minute kind of a person.

I love to plan my days and I have to have a diary otherwise I would never know where I needed to be and when, but for all of those finer - usually the most important - details, well those are usually left until the very last minute.

I was the same at University - I had all of these brilliant intentions of getting my work completed way before it's deadline, but no matter how early I started each assignment I was always one of the people scrambling to get to the submission box just before the cut off time.

Things haven't got any better as I've aged either - I leave blog posts until the very last second, I'll go out and buy birthday cards and gifts the day before they are needed - it's always such a huge, mad, rushing around panic with me.

But what can I do?

I have decided though that a lot of the time all of this dashing about isn't really my fault - there are other forces working hard to keep me so behind with everything.

...well that's my story anyway and I'm sticking to it...

Lets take my current predicament for example, I have a lovely family wedding to attend in September where we will all be heading over to the ever stunning York for the day.

...we were supposed to be staying over for the night, but you guessed it, we didn't plan anything properly...

Anyway the wedding is in September - three months away from now.

And because it is a wedding I've had my invite for a long time now - for months in fact - and with it being a close family wedding I have actually known about it for even longer than this.

But one thing you can guarantee is that there is no way I will have a dress in time.

The Hubby is already sorted, Charlie will be wearing his uber smart prom outfit, so he will be all ready to go...

...Willow, well it will take me no time at all to pick out a super cute dress for that one - she looks amazingly cute in everything...

But for myself, I do not have a clue.

I've searched everywhere looking for inspiration and ideas and whilst I have spotted a whole load of stunning frocks and two piece skirt numbers I simply just don't know what I want so I really can't commit just yet.

Partly due to a number of these annoying little outside factors that I mentioned above - they really do take things out of my control...

~ I'm skint...
...which is putting it quite bluntly I know but it's the truth.

There are prom outfits to buy, teachers leaving gifts to find, high school summer school sessions to pay for not to mention new uniforms and everything else these kiddies need and right now, Mum can't even afford a hair cut for herself let alone a fancy new outfit.

~ I'm still not body confident enough to even want to try on dresses...
...but this is actually my own fault - a few weeks ago I finally hit the point where I only (!!) had one more stone left to lose before I was at my target weight and then in true me style I went full on food crazy and "somehow" re-found five blooming pounds which I thought were gone forever.

I've had to have a little word with myself and I am determined to drop two dress sizes before the wedding...

...which gives me three months...

~ Eeek~

~ What even is fashionable these days?
I worked out yesterday that my last get-glammed-up-and-go-out-out night out was a very long time ago.

Willow is twenty months old and I haven't been out since she was born; before this I was pregnant for nine months (obviously!) so didn't go out in that time, and looking back it must have been a year, maybe more, before that since I stepped into a pub/club, so altogether that's about three years - maybe more - since my last proper night out.

What on earth would I wear?

I actually have no clue.

So as you can see, this whole fashion/outfit finding/dress wearing malarkey is not always as easy as it may first appear.

But wish me luck in all of my efforts won't you - I'm really going to need it

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