Thursday 8 June 2017

I think I Fancy A #SportsNightIn

Over the past thirteen or so years, sport and watching sport has been a bit of a thing in my home - not particularly through my own personal choice I'll admit - but certainly because of my Hubby.

Football was always on the TV back in the early days of our relationship but then I think I won that battle and those long Saturday afternoons of football football football eventually dwindled away...

...and were replaced, all these years later, with having almost every rugby match ever shown being broadcast into my living room.

My son is a rugby player you see and he plays both rugby league and rugby union but it has only been recently that he has found a bit more of a thirst for the game, meaning that he wants to watch it all of the time right now...

Naturally this passion has to be nurtured any way it can be so I've accepted my fate and am very well aware now that if it isn't my nineteen month old and her Peppa Pig obsession ruling the TV then it will most certainly be the boys with all of their rugbying...

And so what better way to show my acceptance of all things TV based being totally out of my control these days than to go all out and throw a bit of a sports party.

Well why not eh - and actually, it just so happens that Contact Numbers UK have a link with Sky and have created a #SportsNightIn campaign.

The campaign highlights Contact Numbers UK's large directory of customer service contact numbers, and in particular their Sky contact number - and what better way to put a little attention onto this than with a little party.

But, what actually makes a good Sports Night In?

Well there has to be food, and of course by food I mean some sort of amazing tasting, I-don't-have-to-cook-it, take-away type dishes...

...with a side of yummy, calorific goodies on hand to to enjoy afterwards of course.

There most certainly will have to be a copias selection of beverages - both alcoholic and non-alcoholic - to ensure every sporting fan is catered for.

I think a few snazzy decorations wouldn't go a miss either, and then - of course - a TV would be pritty helpful wouldn't it, preferably one all hooked up, subscribed to and connected to Sky Sports because, come on, who at a sports viewing party wants to have just the one match showing?!

Oh no, no, no.

If you're going to do a #SportsNightIn properly then the sporting events need to keep on coming don't they, so of course Sky Sports it has got to be.

So I'm finally embracing this sporting household of mine and I'm hosting my first ever (ever!) party and I really hope you look forward to finding out how it all went...

But just so I get it right - what would be a must for you at a #SportsNightIn party?

* sponsored post in collaboration with Contact Numbers UK - words & images 100% my own

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