Monday 12 June 2017

Do You Have A "Lay-Z-Boy" (or girl)?

Is there anything better than a really lazy Friday night in?

I actually don't think there is - especially with everything that has been going on lately, sometimes all that is needed is a really chilled out, stress free, do nothing kind of an evening.

And this is exactly how we spent last Friday.

We - and by "we" I mean my Hubby, my son and myself (Willow was tucked up in bed, shattered, after our very early 3am start earlier that day - urgh) - slobbed out on the sofa, tucked up between blankets and cushions, we had a movie on the TV and we ordered in a fairly epic, lazy night tea...
(oh forgive me Slimming World scales!)

~ No cooking for anyone ~

It was fantastic and it was very much needed after such a hectic few days and actually, I could have really gone for stretching out the laziness far  on into the weekend too - but if only eh - there's far too much to do in this little house of mine for that to ever be a possibility.

And speaking of sacrificing laziness for boring householdy type stuff, ScS actually have a household chore related competition running where they are giving away £1,500 worth of goodies from their all new La-Z-Boy range.

Now I have very recently purchased my lovely new sofa from ScS but if I had the chance I'd be grabbing a hold of all the things from this brilliant new range especially for my very own "lazy boy" ie the Husband.

No, I'm only joking, my other half works really hard and I'm grateful for that because it means I can now stay at home and look after Willow myself and can finally do the school run with Charlie every day, after years of having to rely on school clubs and on friends.

It's a lovely thing to be able to do...

...but still...

...the statistics ScS have used, taken from a totally tongue-in-cheek survey of over 1,000 people, in order to find "Britain's Laziest Layabout" and expose "the coach potato in all of us" had me laughing out loud when I saw them because, as far as housework goes - and certainly in my home anyway - each and every point was just so blooming spot on...

~ 56% of men apparently feel their partner is lazy although the majority of women feel it is them who takes on most household chores

~ 65% of women said cleaning the bathroom regularly was down to them with 23% of men stating it was a chore they did the most

~ 20% of men said that dealing with washing the clothes was something they did, whilst 70% of women felt it was something left to them

Sounds fairly accurate for my household, especially when the top three things the women who were asked thought their partners were guilty of were:

~ leaving dirty clothes on the floor
(yep - and right next to the washing basket too)

~ watching TV for hours at a time
('s more playing PC games if anything, but still...)

~ leaving dirty plates and glasses around the house
(hmmm...not so much, but he does leave vast amounts of beauty and grooming products everywhere - does that count?)

And whilst my Hubby wouldn't admit it the household chores are mainly down to me these days but that doesn't mean he's lazy (although I do tell him he is sometimes) - I'm the one at home the majority of the time so I just get the things done when they need doing.

But anyway, back to this fab competition - to be in with a chance of winning the £1,500 worth of Lay-Z-Boy items, a £50 Netflix voucher and a £50 takeaway voucher all you have to do is upload a photo on the competition page (linked above) showing, or write a piece which explains, your partner's laziest behaviour - and this is open to showcase the lazy ladies as well as the lazy men.

~ The closing date is 26th June 2017 ~

I know for sure I'll be getting my entry in.

Now, just which picture - from the zillion that I have - should I use...

* a collaborative post - all words & images 100% my own

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