Wednesday 19 July 2017

Brompton Lakes - An Idilic, Peaceful & Picturesque Getaway

When it comes to being away from home, as much as I love the idea of having a holiday, of relaxing and of chilling out, when it actually comes down to it I'm never usually a fan.

I worry far too much about the house being left without us in it; I can't handle the level of things we have to pack up for the four of us - it's always a ridiculously crazy amount - and then I worry so much about what we will be stepping into when we get to our location....

~ will it be clean
~ will it be comfortable
~ will it be clean

I worry about blooming worrying sometimes which is hardly the perfect start for any holiday now is it.

But do you know what, from the very second we arrived at Brompton Lakes in Richmond, North Yorkshire for our recent stay there, every single thought and worry just flitted away...

All that filled my mind was just how stunning and tranquil my surroundings were.

I mean have you ever seen a prettier place...

It was simply stunning and I was in awe the whole time we were there - it certainly worked it's relaxing magic on me anyway.

We were treated (very much treated) to a two night stay in one of the twenty one luxury, self-catering lodges Brompton Lakes has on offer - nineteen being lake side and three being slightly set back, but still with amazing views and their own personal, fancy-pants hot tubs.

And with it being the Hubby's birthday week it was one of these hot-tub-included lodges - Jules in fact - that we opted to stay in.

And oh how perfect Jules was.

A fully equipped home-from-home in such a peaceful setting - I loved it.
(and it was so clean and immaculately presented too!)

There was a washing machine, dishwasher, TV, oven - everything you could need and more, plus all of those useful essentials - towels, loo roll, soap, hand-wash - it seemed nothing was left uncatered for...

Local takeaways even deliver direct to the lodge door and if you like, at an extra cost, you can even arrange to have a gourmet chef come into the lodge to make a meal for you, and a relaxing holiday really doesn't get much better than that does it...
(no cooking - come on, that's heaven right there!)

...or maybe it does - we even had rabbits and ducks visiting us at the front of the lodge when we woke up and the views from each and every window was so calming and tranquil beyond belief.

~ Fabulous ~

Jules and the rest of the lodges have three bedrooms and are very well catered to deal with six adults, however there is now a new, bigger kid on the block in the shape of the ultra snazzy "Twenty One" lodge - a huge six bedroomed accommodation complete with hot tub, sauna and a BBQ house and this simply screams "girl's weekend" away to me...

Anyway, we had the most fantastic few days away with Brompton Lakes and I can't recommend them enough if you are wanting to get away from the world for a while - the only people we saw were the odd dog walker (dogs are welcome in fifteen of the lodges, the rest are pooch free) or jogger passing our lodge every once in a while - it was pure bliss.

And so was being able to relax within the trees on a rainy morning in a lovely warm hot-tub...

The Baker Bunch highly approve.

Thank you Jules and all of your beauty - we can't wait to come back and see you again

* stay provided free of charge - all words, images & thoughts 100% my own

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