Saturday 30 September 2017

A Sporty, Rather Fancy Globenfeld Timepiece

I may have touched on this before, but right now in this home of mine, we are currently in a total, full-on fashion mode.

It's obviously nothing that I am (unfortunately) involved in, but it seems that in recent weeks my son has developed this rather expensive, sports-brands-only, fashion habit and Primark visits are no more.

Everything has to have a label, has to be designer, has to look a certain way, oh and jogging bottoms, well it seems that those now have to be just a breath away from resembling leggings (well that's what they look like to me anyway!) they must be that much of a skinny fit.

I can't keep up but I suppose I knew this day would come - the day when shopping for him became more expensive than buying for anyone else, and now, well now that we are in the full swing of fashion he really wants to start accessorising his newly acquired wardrobe and something he seems desperate to own is a nice watch of his own.

He mentions them so often and is always trying to steal his Dad's - he was really taken with a little Globenfeld Super Sports Watch that, very luckily, landed at my feet recently...

...and can you blame him - it is very snazzy and I have to admit, it would have looked fab on his wrist for his recent school non-uniform day, but with it being an adult-sized watch it really is just too large and a little heavy for him to be able to wear comfortably.

Not that this has stopped him putting it out on show in his room though - he loves it...

The watch is really fancy looking with it's clean, crisp white face and pewter steel casing - it is a really smart looking watch and the small accents of orange really highlight the smaller details well, helping to emphasises the sportiness of the watch...

However it looking nice is just one positive factor because this lovely Globenfeld number is also rather practical too.

It has an inbuilt stopwatch and alarm feature - both really easy to operate by following the step-by-step instruction booklet; there is the ability to record in split-time too and the watch also features a rather useful digital date display...

And when my Husband finally managed to snaffle this back away from my son, he too was really rather impressed with it.

He did say that although it is designed as a "sportswatch", he felt he wouldn't wear it under any "sporty conditions", for two main reasons:

~ he felt it was a little too heavy to wear in such circumstances and whilst this made it feel robust enough to take any potential sports-type knocks or bumps, it also naturally adds to it's weight

~ he thought it was too nice looking to not show off and he decided to team it recently, not with a gym kit but rather a super smart suit to a wedding we attended and it really did set his whole look off perfectly, earning him a whole lot of positive comments in the process.

So now I have both of the boys in my home arguing over who this actually belongs to so it certainly is a winner.

Good job Globenfeld, very good job

* item sent for review - all words & images are 100% my own

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