Friday 8 December 2017

Fabulously Fashionable - In A Swimming Pool...

I know I'm always prattling on about my health and wanting to get myself in shape again, wanting to feel better in myself and to get back the level of fitness I once had, but now, well now it's something I really want.

And I know I'm serious about it because I've been searching out a whole lot of different gym-appropriate-clothing...but not just any old clothing oh no, this is clothing that I know I'm going to wear and feel really good in - I mean all of that extra confidence can't fail to spur me on now can it.

This time, I mean business.

But it was during a little bit of a recent "I really need to get fit" rant with a friend that I was informed - in great lavish detail - of how her new found love of swimming has totally changed her outlook on exercise.

She now wants to be at the gym rather than at home on an evening and has found that since her new water-baby status established itself...

~ no matter the swim-stroke she uses or the pace she swims at, she can really feel that her whole body always gets a proper, full workout

~ she has lost weight - and quite quickly too actually

~ she has found it a lot easier on her joints than jumping around in an aerobics class would be, which has meant she has been able to power on for longer, burning more and more calories each session she attends

~ her stress levels have reduced and stepping into the pool after a particularly hectic work and child kind of day leaves her feeling a lot calmer and more relaxed

~ her confidence has sky-rocketed...a few months ago she wouldn't have been in a pool nevermind stood poolside, fancy costume on, not bothering who looked her way

I'm a little in awe of her actually and wish - really, really wish - that I could join her, turn over a brand new get-fit-leaf in 2018 and get my swim-on.

But I can't...

...because - at the grand age of thirty-four - I actually can't swim.

Terrible really isn't it.

Especially when there are so many health benefits to actually being able to swim, not to mention the whole safety aspect.

I mean I did have a few lessons when I was younger, but not until Middle School and they were maybe once a week for an hour or so and I reckon by this point, any confidence I could have had in a swimming pool was already long gone.

Anyway (as ever) our conversations obviously lead onto a bit of online shopping and we delved a little into the world of women's swimwear - I mean if there was ever a time to invest in something which not only looks amazing but also helps with feeling fabulous and confident it has got to be for when you're half in the nuddie with a whole lot of other people now isn't it.

And who knew - when you actually look there are so many blooming swimwear options out there!

I mean I just opt for the same, very plain, very black, very hide-in-the-corner-as-much-as-possible costume for my weekly toddler splash sessions with Willow, but now I'm asking myself why?

There's everything - sporty numbers, "loose 10lbs in an instant" numbers, costumes with slogans, two pieces with bust enhancements - anything you could possibly want, even if you didn't know you actually wanted it.


Maybe I need to re-think my whole "be fabulously fashionable getting fit" goals of 2018 and make them more "look amazing whilst I take the plunge (get it!) and actually learn how to swim" targets...

It's certainly something that will stand me in good stead for a lot of years to come that's for sure. this space...

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