Tuesday 12 December 2017

ROX Diamonds - They Certainly Are THIS Girls Best Friend

I think I mentioned in a post a little while ago that over the Summer I was lucky enough to win some amazingly beautiful items from uber stylish ROX.

Well as with everything right now, the post I had planned detailing everything went on the back burner a little bit - until now that is.

With Christmas just around the corner (eek!) and with all the New Year's Eve "let's get engaged" question popping popularity approaching I figured there couldn't be a more perfect time to tell all about what ROX has to offer - their main focus being a whole lot of very stunning diamonds.

If I had my engagement time all over again there would certainly be a ROX catalogue with a lot of page corners folded over sat on my coffee table that's for sure.

~ Simply stunning ~

But when I found out that I had actually won an amazing prize from them - as I enjoyed a stunning mini-break in a hot-tub adorned Brompton Lakes lodge in fact - I was long since engaged and had been married for years with two kiddies in tow.

But what else could ROX offer me that I could treat myself to?

A great deal actually and straight away I bee-lined in on the very stylish, very classy Vivienne Westwood watches.

I've loved the brand since my Uni days and adding anything to my collection makes me extremely happy and this mother of pearl faced, rose gold and stainless steel beauty was no exception...

I just knew I had to have it.

It is beautiful and commands attention no matter what it is worn with - casual, day to day outfits or more dressed up, formal and fancy attire - and all the while it remains classy, understated and very, very special...

It fits like a dream too and the amount of compliments I've had whilst wearing it has been crazy.

But who doesn't love a little bit of Vivienne Westwood eh.

Then, to add to my amazing prize bundle I popped another item I've lusted after for years into my basket - a lovely Links Of London Silver Toggle Sweetie bracelet...

Yes I know - I love my fancy-pants brands don't I, but when they produce such classic, statement making pieces what's not to want.

I paired my bracelet with a little shooting star charm because to me, the two teeny stars it has dangling from the larger one represent my own two little beautiful stars and this makes the whole piece all that more special and meaningful straight away...

I'm looking forward to adding more memory making charms to it over the years too.

So yes, I think I have experienced the amazingness of ROX without actually celebrating saying "Yes" or "I do" and I very much left them feeling amazed, happy and very spoilt indeed.

Who wouldn't want to experience a little bit of that - especially this close to Christmas

* items won as a prize - I was under no obligation to write abut them but I really wanted to - words, thoughts & images 100% my own

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