Monday 4 December 2017

Lush Leeds - A Little Karma Experience

I've been sat today - in between doing the usual zillion daily chores - thinking about my very recently passed birthday.

My 34th birthday

Urgh - how on earth did that happen!

But no, whilst I was thinking I wasn't actually focused on how old I'm getting, more on the things I would have loved to have been gifted.

I mean I was very grateful for the lovey cards and gifts that I did receive - obviously - but myself and Carl don't ever buy each other gifts - not for birthdays or for Christmas (we have kiddies - the money goes on them...always...) and that got me to thinking...

If we did do the whole gift thing, what would I love to be gifted?

And immediately I just knew, if money was no object of course, I would choose something I was introduced to very recently at the fabulous Lush Christmas event I was invited to.

Now, like many a person out there I do love me a bit of Lush and the blogger events I have been lucky enough to have been invited to never fail to impress - they always result in me creating an amazingly full wishlist of fabulously smelling goodies - and this latest event was no different.

Amongst all of the usual bath time treats and beauty goodies I could have easily filled a basket or six with...

...I was also left wanting a massage, but a massage like nothing I have ever seen before.

The Karma massage to be exact and what a total relaxation game-changer this one is.

Anyway, throughout the entire event we were treated - treated to amazing sweet treats...

...treated to lovely arm and hand massages and to the most fantastic head massages (I didn't want to leave) and everything was focused on showing us just how relaxation should be and how the Lush Spa centres on making everyone who steps through it's doors feel looked after, feel amazing and feel like they can take a step away from reality, even if just for a little bit.

And this leads perfectly onto the Karma.

During the event we were shown the massage in full swing - a two therapist massage which looked to me like a cross between a workout and a dance for the therapists...

They undergo lengthy training and are paired up with individuals not only similar in style but also similar in movement and massage technique to ensure the massage is as synchronised and is as harmonious as possible.

The aim of the Karma - a massage inspired by Ayurvedic practises of India - is to make the person so relaxed that rather than focusing on the arm massage or the back massage the only thing they actually are able to focus on is the relaxation itself, allowing themselves to be fully immersed and properly relaxed.

Karma lasts for sixty-five minutes and uses a uniquely relaxing blend of oils, soft music and warm lighting and it looks out of this world - I very much want/need/have to experience it at some point...

What a way to welcome in 2018 that would be eh, having the opportunity to experience "slowing down in order to speed up".

As ever Lush Leeds - thank you for a super amazing evening

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