Wednesday 29 November 2017

Twinkling Lullaby Igglepigle - What Willow Thought

Having an almost exact (by just two weeks) ten year age gap between my two kiddies, people very often asked me if I was a little crazy "starting all over again", but do you know what, I've found the gap to be perfect.
(apart from when we want to go on days out - what on earth can you do that both a twelve year old and a two year old will like?!)

And something that I have absolutely loved being able to do is revisit things with Willow that Charlie used to love, a full decade ago.

The songs, the books, the games, the cartoon-type characters - yes of course there are a whole load more newbies around these days - but a great deal of them are the same too.

Take for example CBeebies.

Charlie loved the show and I even slogged my heart out making and sending in a first birthday card for him (sorry Willow!).

At the time Sid was a fairly new presenter and I actually remember watching Andy's very first day (yep - I'm old) and they are still going strong all these years later.

Charlie's favourite way back then was "In The Night Garden" and when Willow began to show an interest in the show I had the Hubby searching through the loft in a hope that we had kept all of the teddy characters he had to give to her, but unfortunately they were nowhere to be seen.

Thankfully Golden Bear Toys had my back and they recently, very kindly, sent me the very fabulous, very new Twinkling Lullaby Igglepiggle to take a look at...

Needless to say Willow absolutely loved it from the minute she saw it...

She currently calls all of the "In The Night Garden" characters "Akka Pakka" and proceeded to screech this at the top of her little (but not so quiet) voice whilst insisting it was opened immediately...

Igglepiggle has his iconic soft, red blanket and when the button inside of his little hand is pressed the equally soft yellow star lights up in really soft, soothing, calming colours and plays snippets of four different songs from the show.

Willow was overjoyed - she didn't put him down all day long.

The age Willow is at now means that she has no problem at all pressing the buttons on toys herself and the button inside Igglepiggle was no exception which meant that this was a fantastic bedtime teddy - the time it takes the four songs to play is just long enough to help soothe Willow back to sleep if she happens to wake during the night and I found this was really helpful when the clocks changed recently.

At that time, in an attempt to "train" Willow and to try and get at least an extra hour in bed, I did have to press the button a fair few times myself to lull her back off but it was worth it - I was determined to get her into thinking that bedtime was still happening for as long a time as I possibly could and the soothing tones of Igglepiggle certainly helped.

I mean come on, mornings with a toddler are blooming early enough aren't they - anything that helps prolong the morning get up (especially on a weekend!) is a winner in my book.

And so Twinkling Lullaby Igglepiggle ticks the "Yes" box for me.

He has been a bedtime companion, a "I'm poorly and need a big cuddle" friend...

...and a "oooh it's a bit early, give me a squeeze" cuddeler...

As was always expected, Willow just loves him.

But really, what's not to love - he's cute, he's soft, he's musical and he's from the television.

Every toddler's dream Christmas pressie right there surely

* item sent for review - all words, images & thoughts 100% my own

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