Tuesday 6 March 2018

The Baby Room And It's All New Offerings

It can't only be myself that when I found out I was expecting my world was sent into a little bit of a "I need to look at all of the cute baby things and I need to look at them now" kind of a spin...surely not...

I remember being like a woman possessed pritty much from the word go - I found myself always wanting to "just nip in" to any baby focused shop we happened to be passing and found that, very often, I felt it very necessary to "make a little detour so we can call into..." just so I could look at the adorable little cribs all set up in store and have myself a little push of the prams - I loved every aspect of it and found it a must part of the "I'm having a new baby" process.

However a shop I know I would have never even thought to venture into for this little bit of baby-crazed delight was Smyths.

To me Smyths has always been nothing but toys, toys, toys and more toys and obviously - being a person who owns two small humans who have loved toys for a lot of years - this is never a bad thing but I just wouldn't have placed Smyths on a par with other baby goods providers.


Well for the simple fact that I didn't even realise they did all of that.

So when I was invited along - quite recently actually - to a fab little event at the Smyths store at Crown Point, Leeds I can safely say I learnt a lot.

Now with Willow being two and a bit years old I'm not really all-searching for baby bits anymore but I really wish I had know about all the amazing things The Baby Room offered whilst I was pregnant.

And because Smyths have realised that this is a similar situation for a lot of people they have upped their game and are going all out and are relaunching their baby section - The Baby Room - in stores on 16th March.

There will be a new catalogue released especially; there will be a whole load of fantastic deals and offers (one of the first being 20% off of car seats and travel systems!) to take advantage of, not to mention competitions and a fab Twitter party to take part in
(I shall be there - #thebabyroom - 16th March at 1pm)

It all sounds fab.

And actually, how could any expecting parent or new-baby-item-needing parent not want to know about what The Baby Room is all about - the isles in Smyths are jam-packed with an array of car seats, buggies, prams, high chairs - everything you could ever need really...

There are even buggies with iPad compartments in the hood - talk about travelling in style, eh...

The staff - the fully trained, totally know their stuff, very welcoming and very approachable staff - are on hand armed with a vast fact-filled knowledge relating to every item on offer...

I was actually really taken with their car seat range - in particular (although it is far too small for Willow now) the lets-recline-baby-fully-whilst-still-being-uber-safe Graco seat caught my eye...

I was a little bit mesmerised by it.

And all of the fact laden demonstrations we were treated to actually did highlight a seat that I now have to have for Willow...

...the Joie Bold - I mean not only does it sounds really safe and sturdy but it looks really rather fancy and comfortable too doesn't it.

All of the car seats can be fitted - and fitted properly - by the fully trained, expert staff members that are on hand in store, making sure children are travelling in optimum safety from the moment that new seat becomes theirs.

This service is free of charge and is offered all year round, plus, coming up very soon - on Saturday 24th March in fact - there will be a brill car seat event happening within The Baby Room's.

Which sounds really rather intriguing to say the least.

The Baby Room is such a useful, handy facility to have and to know about - I really hope the word gets out there about all that there is on offer within Smyths stores - I mean I was very impressed with the offerings I found and I don't even have a teeny baby to cater for anymore so I'm sure that a lot of other people out there will be needing to know about it all too.

Let me know if you pop along to the in-store events won't you...

* sponsored post - all words & images 100% my own

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