Monday 12 February 2018

Valentine's Day & A Perfect Lingerie Buying Guide

Mid February already - where on earth do the days go?

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and, if there are any partners out there anything like mine, gift buying for any occasion is a total last minute job done in a huge rush and usually on the way home from work the evening before the event.

Saying that though, it's been a long while since gift buying of any kind actually happened for Valentine's Day - it's one of the celebrations we stopped bothering with quite early on in our relationship - I tend to spend more time these days helping my son pick out gifts for his lovely girlfriend than deciding what I would like myself.

So imagine my shock/surprise/elation when it dawned on me that through a collaboration with ever popular John Lewis I would actually be getting a rather fancy gift this Valentine's Day.

And a gift of some pritty amazing underwear at that.

The catch?

Well, I wasn't too sure if "catch" was the right word to use really, but, using John Lewis's Partner's Guide To Buying Lingerie my Husband was set the challenge of picking out some underwear to gift me but with no input from myself whatsoever.

And do you know what, he actually did do really well.

I had a little look at the buying guide myself and found it to be quite amusing really - a step by step, tongue in cheek, but actually really very helpful tool to help partners tackle the often quite risky task of buying undies for their partners.

And as I mentioned, I was really impressed with his choices.

My little collection was a set of all different, all black pieces (winner!) and each and every item was something I would actually love to wear.

Now the first, and probably the set which could most typically be described as being Valentine's Day appropriate was quite a sexy little number...

The Bluebella bra and briefs set is made from a lovely black mesh material - very Valentines-y but it still offers support and isn't too revealing either.

I actually spotted a very get-that-underboob-fully-out Bluebella bra that I thought (whilst it wasn't very Monday morning playgroup appropriate) was still really pretty - very delicate and it stood out a mile - I really liked it.
(if you pop onto the website you can't fail to spot it - it is the one with the "all the flesh is out apart from the teeny piece of modesty protecting floral lace" design)

And as I was talking to the Hubby about all of his choices after my bundle arrived it came to light that - perhaps for obvious reasons - he had been drawn to the same bra himself but had dismissed it as a contender because of it's less than practical nature which is why he settled for this, perhaps slightly "tamer" option with it's boobie-caged detailing.

Not that I'm complaining - it really is so pretty.

The briefs match perfectly too and they cover everything I would want them to cover whilst still having a little extra something thanks to the small key-hole detail in the lower back area - I'm very impressed.

Then, impressing me even further I was presented this very beautiful Calvin Klein set...

The plunge, slightly padded bra gives an instant boobie boost...

...and again the briefs are perfect for keeping me covered up whilst still being pretty, feminine and rather snazzy...

I mean who doesn't feel instantly amazing stepping into a matching bra and pants set?

The Husband told me he knew I would never pick out a designer set of undies for myself, especially a set with such a high price tag (the bra alone cost £40) and whilst the quality is just amazing and justifies the cost he is actually so right - I could never spend that kind of money on myself.

But he thought I deserved a bit of a treat (awww!) and I'm beyond pleased he picked these out for me.

Next, slightly more practical and perhaps a little more boring and un-Valentine's-Day-gifty was the last item within my bundle - a very supportive, shock absorbing sports bra...

This little number was by far the most practical item I received and is actually something I have moaned about needing for months now - which is how the Husband knew to add it to basket - and, now that I am back at the gym, it will be worn almost every day without a doubt.

I love it.

It is comfortable, it keeps my boobies as strapped down, supported and as unmoving as anything possibly could whilst I'm running on the treadmill or darting about a gym class.

However it is very much not a sexy little number yet it is still very much a perfect little number in my eyes.

It seems my Husband, after almost fourteen years together, may know my tastes a lot more than I have ever given him credit for...

...or maybe the credit needs to be directed towards John Lewis and their easy to fathom lingerie buying guide...

Either way, I'm more than over the moon with my Valentine's Day treats this year.

What would be on your underwear essentials list this year?

* a collaborative post containing PR samples - words, thoughts & images 100% my own

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