Tuesday 1 May 2018

Ways To Make A Kitchen Look More Expensive But On A Budget

You may remember that at some point last year I wrote about my total dislike of our kitchen, prompting me to make a few small, cosmetic changes which really helped to make a huge difference to the feel of it.
The kitchen is usually the room in a house that many of us will go into the most so I think it’s really important to create a space you’re really proud of and happy being in.
And as my little DIY project proved, you don’t need to spend a fortune to make your kitchen look lovely at all.
I recently spoke with Elan Kitchens, who specialise in traditional and luxury kitchen design to find out how us "normal folk" could achieve a high-end kitchen look without having a hefty price tag attached.

I’ve mentioned several times before about how our house isn’t exactly blessed in the "free space" department and during my DIY home projects I have noticed that nothing has the ability to make a room look cheap quite like having lots of unnecessary clutter.
To achieve a cleaner, higher-end look, it’s a good idea to get rid of any old appliances and junk you no longer need and to store away the things you know you will use, just not very often.
Also, clean your fridge door - I mean I’m not suggesting you throw away your children’s paintings, or those all important supermarket coupons but they are easily tidied away rather than being left out on show.
It’s amazing how much value a little bit of organisation and extra space gives off.

Lighter colours, especially whites, will always make a room appear both brighter and more spacious, something which people tend to associate with a more expensive price tag.

This is the reason my Husband and I chose to repaint our kitchen, sticking to a minimal colour scheme and I think it now looks like it’s been done by a professional - a quick lick of paint really does go a long way!

Choosing the right accessories and decorations can totally make or break a room, which is why Elan Kitchens believe that sticking by the ethos of ‘less is more’ is the way forward

Now, I know this can prove tricky when you’ve got a few little ones to contend with, but I’m told that choosing a couple of signature pieces, such as a lovely plant, a painting or a really stand-out ornament, is the best way to make your kitchen look really lavish.

And there we have it, a few easy tips on how to achieve a really classy look without spending much at all.

Will you be trying out any of the hints and tips?
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