Wednesday 23 May 2018

Making the Most of a Small Living Room

Many of us are not blessed with a huge amount of living room space, particularly once the children start being added into the mix - for such small people they certainly come with a lot of "stuff". But, given that it’s a room most of us will spend a significant amount of our time in, it really is important to feel as comfortable and as happy as possible when in there.

I spoke to Oro Bianco, who are experts in luxury home interior design about their top tips on how we make the most of the space we do have...

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall
According to Oro Bianco, the best small living room interiors revolve around a successful ability to trick the eye into believing that the area is more spacious than it really is.
The easiest way to do this is by strategically placing a large statement mirror within a central location in the room making it the new focal point and I actually did this myself when re-doing my lounge last summer

Now, not only does the mirror look great, but it also cleverly reflects light and gives the illusion of there being extra room.

Keep it light
Any great interior designer will tell you that darker hues make an area feel cramped and dingy and this really isn't a great look for one of the most important rooms in the home.
Light, neutral tones do a much better job of illuminating a previously dark area by reflecting the natural light and again making it feel larger. If possible, try to do this with all aspects of the lounge, including the walls, furniture and curtains - you’ll really notice the difference.

When choosing your furniture, it’s wise to select pieces which won't overpower a small space. Of course, opting for neutral, pale colours is best and when choosing furniture, picking pieces which look lightweight is a good trick-of-the-eye idea too.
For coffee tables and stands, transparent glass again trick the eye into believing that a room is more spacious because you can see straight through them. Moreover, furniture which does not obstruct your view has the ability to make the space seem less restricted and more open too.

You might be sick of hearing this by now, but I really can’t stress enough the importance of keeping your house clutter-free. Again, this may not be a smooth-sailing process especially for those of us who have small children to contend with, but even small changes like buying a few storage boxes and packing away what you don’t need really makes a huge difference in how much free space you have.

Regardless of its size, your living room should be able to function for it's main purposes of relaxing and entertaining guests.

Hopefully with the above tips, your space will feel bigger and less restricted in no time and you'll be wanting to spend all of your time in there.

Happy Upgrading!

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