Tuesday 21 August 2018

Did We Manage To Find Our #ReasonsToSave...?

If this month has shown me anything at all it is that sometimes, trying - even your very best - is just never going to be enough.

You may have spotted a post a few weeks ago in which I detailed a little collaboration I had going on with Yorkshire Water.

Now through this partnership, the aim of my month was to reduce my families water usage by a fair old amount...but oh my goodness it was not easy.

Not easy at all.

I mean we did everything we could possibly think of and, even though the boys needed "a few" reminders they were on the case themselves too.

We cut down on the whole paddling pool filling in the garden when we were trying to beat the stifling hot weather and turned to venturing out to our local swimming pool a whole lot more - which the children obviously loved.

Rather than filling the bath up four times a day - sometimes more if my son had a particularly muddy, early morning rugby game...

...we turned to the shower a lot more - and I'm really not a shower person at all - but even I tried.

The baths we did have though we made sure they were only half filled or less even and we even shared water where possible
(all taking care to avoid stepping in after the potty-training-toddler was finished though...)

We turned taps off between teeth brushing, we filled the kettle up straight away and didn't run the water first, we put bottles of water into the fridge for cold drinks and used ice cubes and even I managed to stop being all half-fill-the-washer crazy just to get things done.

We tried.

But what we didn't have which could of helped massively was a water saving pack (which can be ordered from the Yorkshire Water website - free) but we will have one soon...

And I mean as a family I suppose we can - if we must - endure a slightly pongy toilet to save on loo flushes, but what we can't control is the amount of water each flush actually uses...unless we have all of the attachments found inside of the water pack that is - by adding these into the cistern directly each flush actually does then use reduced water amounts.

I really did try with what I had  (my "Turn that tap off" shouty voice most of the time!) Yorkshire Water but once I have all the bits and bobs I need then we will do better.

Try the #ReasonsToSave water saving challenge yourself and see if (please do!) you can crack it better than us Baker's managed...

I'm taking on the challenge again - for myself

* post in collaboration with Yorkshire Water - words & images my own

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