Friday 7 December 2018

When Christmas Is Delivered Early...

Well hello there lovely blogging world - it's very nice to have a moment to sit here and be actually able to put words onto paper (or "onto screen") again.

There's been a whole lot going on lately and I'm actually grateful to have found a little blogging mojo again - it could be the thing that helps.

Anyway, if you follow me on Instagram then you will know that a few weeks ago I had an amazing box of Country Living goodies actually hand delivered - by a very beautiful, stylish lady - right to my doorstep...

It made my week and, as you can see, I was literally spoilt rotten and every single item within this fancy Christmas hamper was not only stunning, was not only amazing but they were all gifted to me by different Yorkshire-based businesses - all of which attended the fabulous Country Living Fairs which happened around the country recently...

I mean, what a way to really start Christmas properly, eh.

Naturally I searched out the happenings of the fairs and they sound blooming amazing - not only would there be plenty of Christmas shopping opportunities but there were a whole host of crafty workshops taking place, there was an amazing VIP area to take advantage of (I mean a goody bag and bottomless prosecco - yes please!) and there was even a famous face or two in attendance (erm, Hello Bake Off's Kim-Joy).

An amazing day out right.

Well, luckily for me then - or so I thought - as part of this amazing Christmas hamper of goodies there were two complimentary tickets tucked away which I had planned to use the day before my birthday to give me an opportunity to go, enjoy and totally Christmas-Zone-Out in style and I was beyond excited about the prospect.

However the Childcare Gods spoke and attending wasn't possible for myself this year unfortunately (next year though, that fair is mine) and I really missed out.

But, to console myself I decided to have another delve into the box of loveliness and totally cheer myself up...

This fabulous, stylish mug from Bugz and Beastiez is an absolute favourite... is just beautiful, it is bone china (aren't I fancy!) and it means that I can now enjoy my cuppas in absolute style.

The scent of this Snug Aromatics reed diffuser is blooming amazing and everyone who has come to visit my home has commented both on it's stylish, cute design and it's very amazing scent...

My home has genuinely never smelt so good.

And I couldn't pick a "My Favourite's - Top Three" list without including this fabulous vase from Just So Interiors...

The copper colour matches my living room decor perfectly and I've popped a candle inside and the patterns it casts around the room are just mesmerising.

I love it.

But then again everything included was fantastic and I feel amazingly lucky to have had Christmas come my way that little bit earlier this year.

A much needed, much appreciated pick me up that's for sure

* items were gifted to me - all words, thoughts & images 100% my own

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