Friday 25 June 2021

Adding To The Education Of Our Kiddies

It's safe to say a whole lot has changed over the last year and a half, and although the focus seems to have mainly been on businesses and health – which of course are hugely important – children’s education has been in the news too and it's something that, as a parent, is massively important to me.

Some children - mine included - will have missed a lot of school recently, and others will have been educated but remotely. Even the children of key workers who were able to access education somewhat will have been in a school setting but it will have been an entirely different environment to the one they have been used to. 


As things crawl back to what we are used to (I hope anyway!) the education of children really does still need to be considered.

Schools do so much to educate our children but there is always something that parents can do to add to that learning outside of the classroom.

Although it’s best to leave it to the school when it comes to booking UK school trips parents do have a part to play... 

Explore Nature...

Being inside playing video games, chatting to friends, colouring, playing with toys all do have their place. However, there is nothing quite like the great outdoors when it comes to adding to your child’s education...

They can explore, play, make up their own games, use their imagination, see nature as it should be seen, and become curious and ask questions. 

Not only is this a great way to educate your child, but it’s also a great way to entertain them, and it’s healthy too.

Getting out in nature is amazing for both physical and mental health and it is these trips to the park or walks in the woods that stay with a child and easily become some of their most treasured memories.

They are by far Willow's most favourite things to do.


Involve Children With Chores...

Education isn’t just about maths, writing, science - it’s also about (or should be about) learning essential life skills helping children become more prepared for their adult lives , being able to take advantage of any opportunities presented to them.

And this is why it is useful to involve them with chores.

It could be simply going to the supermarket for the weekly shop, cleaning some of the house, helping to tidy the garden or wash the car - anything else that you need to do really.

Rather than simply getting on with it yourself, you can have the children help you - they will learn a huge amount and it helps take the strain off you too. 

Win win in my book.


Introduce Technology...

As your children grow up, technology is going to have a much bigger part to play in their lives, which may seem impossible considering how much technology you already have to deal with, but advancements are happening all the time, and each one pushes everything forward just a little more. 


The sooner your children are introduced to technology of all kinds the better. That’s not to say they should be allowed to browse the internet unaccompanied or that they should sign up to social media but they will need to learn age-appropriate things no doubt.

A child’s debit card that you have ultimate control over is an excellent way to start or learning how to use video calling - even something super simple like the microwave is going to be of use to them as they grow up. 

There are so many ways to help with the education of our children - they are little knowledge sponges after all.

Sponges that are always watching too...

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