Monday 5 July 2021

Holidaying And How It Looks, Post Covid

When the COVID restrictions finally lift, the word "holiday" is going to come flooding back into our language and terms like “furlough” will hopefully be lost forever.

However, many people still think that life isn’t going to be like it was before. We’re going to have to get used to a rather dystopian “new normal” - which isn’t actually normal at all. 

With that said, there are still plenty of people booking trips or currently travelling around, and they seem to be having a good time, even if the nature of travel is quite different from what it was in 2019. 

In this post, we will take a snap-shot look at some of the travel trends we’re likely to see emerge in 2021... 

Isolation Holidays...

If you haven’t had your fill of isolation yet, then you might want to try a so-called “isolation holiday.”

The idea here is to allow travellers to go to their favourite destinations, but to keep them physically separate from the domestic population.

The hope is that choosing a place devoid of crowds will prevent the disease from spreading or new variants hopping from country to country.

In practice it would means staying in a chalet or a cabin in the forest somewhere and you’ll probably be banned from going to any tourist spots - or even the shops with somebody bringing supplies to your door instead... 

Bucket List Dreaming...

During COVID, people spent a lot of time dreaming about where they would like to go in the world, and that trend is likely going to continue for the foreseeable future.

Not only are a large number of countries still refusing to open their borders, but thanks to the economic issues at the moment many people simply don’t have the money to go on their dream vacations right now.

This year, therefore, expect people to talk endlessly about their bucket lists - but never actually tick anything off of them...

Insured Up To Their Eyeballs...

Before the pandemic, travel insurance was so “meh" but now people are worried about losing their bookings so everyone is getting it.

Firms like One Sure Insurance are seeing massive interest in their travel products and it’s all happening because of the uncertainty out there.

Governments seem to be closing borders at the drop of a hat and people want assurances that their holiday deposits aren’t going to go to waste if they do book a getaway but are then forced to not go.


Experts predicted the surge in staycations all the way back in January.

Marketing professionals recognised that there was going to be a big jump in the number of people staying at home so they began ramping up their advertising efforts early. 

It looks like that is coming to fruition, at least in this country anyway.

The moment restrictions loosened back in May, holiday bookings went through the roof, so much so that Airbnb was almost full.

And still most places are fully booked up even now.

So that’s the new normal apparently.

People are going to be more isolated, staying at home, insured and dreaming about going to far-flung locations with closed borders.

Oh what fun...


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