Tuesday 27 July 2021

A New, Successful Exercise Plan...

If you’re feeling a little conscious about your body in 2021 - trust me, you are not alone.

Let’s face it, most of us have struggled due to the pandemic but there’s still time to make a positive change.

Whether unlocking your dream body for the end of summer or getting a head start on 2022 - the right plan is going to do wonders.

Without a good strategy in place you will be destined to fail.

Focus on the following factors, and you will be destined for greatness...or so I hope anyway - I need all the help I can get...

The Right Objective...

First and foremost, you must ensure that any fitness programme is tailored to your specific needs.

The exercises and eating habits followed by a 6’6” man wanting to add muscle will differ greatly from a 5’2” woman hoping to lose an inch from her stomach.

Using a personal trainer to discuss your body type, current situation, and fitness goals is key.

They will ensure that you set defined goals and have routines that are aligned with those ideas. Likewise, it will take injuries and life commitments into account.

If you don’t have your eyes focused on the right destination, the journey ahead will be tough.


Knowing what you think you want is one thing, but truly desiring it is another.

Consistency is the key to successful fitness journeys regardless of whether you wish to lose fat, tone up, or improve your athleticism - without motivation, you will not achieve anything.

Finding your source of motivation could take many forms. Playing a more active role with the children, feeling more confident on the beach, or winning at sports are all examples.

When you truly want something, you’ll be far more likely to put in the work to make it happen.

When combined with defined goals and smart decisions, you can’t go far wrong.

The Best Gym Wear...

Looking good makes you feel good, and the right choice of gym clothes will naturally have a positive influence on your mindset.

However, the reasons for investing in great attire stretch beyond that. They can actively enhance your performance, comfort, and safety.

Wearing comfortable gym wear that is purpose-designed helps support your body during exercise. This can subsequently reduce the risk of injuries.

As well as the right attire, your footwear choices are crucial. Likewise, extra supports can be bought if needed.

When you look and feel comfortable, staying consistent becomes far easier.

A Supportive Network...

The road to fitness is a personal journey but that does not mean that you have to face it alone.

Life will be a lot easier if you have the right people around you. This is another reason why a personal trainer can work wonders, but it shouldn’t end there.

When friends and family are behind you on this journey, they will celebrate your successes. Crucially, they will not knock you off track by encouraging you to skip sessions or abandon your eating plans. You can even use fitness friends for competitive motivation. 

Positivity breeds positivity - keep it in mind throughout every step of your journey.


Finding the motivation to stay on track with your fitness tasks is fairly easy in the opening stages. Once the initial phase is over, though, the fun factor is essential for keeping you on the right path. It is the key factor that will transform it from a chore to a hobby.

There are many ways to increase the fun factor.

Playing sports, turning routines into games, and attending group sessions are all good options. Variety is the spice of life. Aside from added engagement, it’ll keep your body on its toes.

Unless you’re a pro athlete, a smart workout that you actually enjoy is the best answer.


The fitness routines should become a significant part of your life. However, they are only one aspect of your world. As such, you must ensure that they fit in to create a balanced outcome. The whole purpose of getting fit is to boost your quality of life. So don’t forget it. 

While discipline is important, you don’t have to reach perfection. Celebrating a friend’s wedding or taking a vacation is fine.

However, with the latter, you can make smarter choices by taking trips where you will be active - such as hiking or snowboarding.

When fitness helps you unlock greater happiness, it will all feel worthwhile.

The Final Word...

Last but not least, remember that the fitness journey is a gradual process. While we all want to see immediate benefits, they cannot come to the detriment of long-term results. Find sustainable ideas that leave room for improvement and you will be just fine.

Here's hoping I can take my own advice....


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