Thursday 12 August 2021

Important Things To Never Put Off

 On any given day you can surely find a whole host of fun, "things I enjoy" things to do.

But, even if the are the most boring of the boring, there are still important tasks to take care of - especially ones which really are very important in the grand scheme of things...

Writing a Will...

As you know, life is very unpredictable - it is always best to prepare.

Having a will drawn up professionally by licensed solicitors is an essential thing to have covered.

Having a legal will can benefit you by giving you peace of mind that your final wishes will be respected and granted and it offers loved ones comfort that they will not need to make certain decisions for you.

Your property, personal belongings, bank accounts, and investments will all be prearranged.

No one will have to suffer the misfortunes of the unknown or infighting that can damage family relationships. 

Once you have your will finalised, just make sure it is readily available for when it is needed.

It is likely an executor will be in place who will handle your final wishes.

Give a sealed (if you wish) copy of the will to them to have on hand, or, an alternative is to give your executor the contact information for your solicitor.

The solicitor will then keep your will on file for when the executor contacts the office.

This way, there will not be any problems should the will be unsealed in advance of your passing.

Attend yearly medical appointments...

No matter how busy you are, remember to schedule all of your annual medical appointments.  

~ Annual Health Check...

Scheduling and keeping your annual physical check-up is critical to keeping your body in good health.

Meeting with your healthcare provider is important if you are beginning a new exercise regimen.

It is also an opportunity to ask questions and discuss family history or any concerns you may have. Some key items to go over are mole or dermatological checks and bloodwork.

~ Semi-Annual Dental Exam

Your teeth are more than a beautiful smile. They are gateways to your overall health.

Cleaning your teeth on a routine schedule helps prevent tooth decay, gingivitis, and bad breath.

Keeping your mouth healthy helps reduce the number of bacteria that enters your body and bloodstream. That bacteria is important to keep at bay as it has been linked to cardiovascular disease among other health concerns.

~ Eyetest Checkup

Your eyes are critical parts of your anatomy that need regular professional examinations. Schedule an appointment annually to check for any vision changes.

This should include age-related changes that can affect vision. Your eye care professional will conduct a thorough exam for concerns such as glaucoma, retinal detachments, and macular degeneration.

Order new contacts or glasses, as needed, during your exam.

~ Mental Health Check-In

Mental health concerns are becoming less taboo than in the past.

Your mind is part of your body, after all.

Once you have scheduled the rest of your appointments, remember to make your mental health a priority. Find a provider that you feel comfortable with. Make this an opportunity to discuss any issues you may have. Nothing is off-limits at this appointment. You can talk about hopes, dreams, disappointments, anxiety and stress, or relationships and work. Before you leave, ask about the best ways to reach your provider if you need to check-in.

You are important - make yourself a priority...


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