Tuesday 1 February 2022

How To Add Colour To Your Home

When you’re constantly being exposed to neutral homes - in the media, on TV, through social media channels - it’s very easy to be afraid of adding a little colour to your own home.

But adding colour to your decor can add interest and brightness - perfect for cheering up your home a little bit.

While you may not be ready to add every colour of the rainbow to your walls quite yet, there are some clever ways you can add a little hint of colour in a subtle and tasteful way.
Some baby steps can help you see how you feel before you add a little more...

Adding colour to your home doesn’t have to mean going straight in with all of the bright colours that are out there.
Take a little look at some of this year’s key interior colour trends to give you some inspiration. You can go for much more diluted shades to add a hint of colour that will be sure to brighten up your room without being overpowering.
Nature is a great place to look for colour inspiration. Bringing in some lush greens and bright floral arrangements will add colour to your space, even if it’s only temporary. Bouquets and plants draw the eye and make a space more homely.

You can use flowers to bring in colours that suit your mood and to suit different occasions. Flowers are guaranteed to put a smile on your face too.

If you don’t want to go crazy with colour, why not focus on a bright statement piece or two that will add a little interest, without clashing too much with your decor.

A beautiful chindi rug can be a simple and stylish way to add a little colour without being too in your face. Some colourful prints can also work well to brighten up some neutral walls. It’s worth shopping around for some more affordable pieces to begin with, instead of investing a lot of money in something you might not like after a week or two.

You can also work colour in through the seasons to help you brighten up your home.
Summer can be the time to play with some brighter shades, even if it’s just through your tableware or some cushions. Meanwhile, winter colours like red and green at Christmas can also help you add some colour without making any drastic changes to your decor.

Playing with colour is a great way to refresh the decor in your home and help you mix things up. A little bit of colour is a simple and easy way to jazz up your home, and can give you further ideas for changes you’d like to make in the future.

So to recap...
~ Start with muted tones
~ Use bright flowers to brighten up a space
~ Choose a statement piece or two
~ Think about colour through the seasons

Don’t be afraid of colour, embrace it in a way that works for you

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