Wednesday 2 February 2022

A Stretch Of The Ear...?

 Whilst I've never been into this, a lot of old friends have and if you have been considering ear stretching, or you already have stretched lobes and are considering going up a gauge, here are a few great tips someone passed on to me on how to keep your earlobe soft and supple during the process.

Safety first in everything right...

Starting the process...

Many people start their ear stretching journey with a regular ear piercing.

Usually, the piercing has been healed for some time.

Most of the time, you will start with a smaller taper kit. This taper kit will have an earring that is slightly larger than the one you currently have. 

You shouldn't just jump into a larger stretcher because you want to avoid infections and tears - if you stretch the ear too quickly, it doesn't give the skin enough time to heal evenly and cleanly. 

If you don't like the straight tapers, spiral tapers offer a more interesting piece of ear jewellery but offer the same stretching.

How big?...

The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing how big you want to stretch your lobe to.

Most people have a look in mind before they start the stretching process - often people stretch their ears for a while, and then they take out the tunnel or stretcher they are wearing - and let the ear return to a pre-stretched size. 

Stick to approximately 10mm or less for this to work; if you remove the plug or tunnel after a few months, they will be virtually typical piercing sized.

You will rip the ear rather than extend the skin if you extend too soon. A ripped ear, on the other hand, will almost always be somewhat too big to wear a typical earring again.

Method for stretching...

The most common taper kit purchased is usually plastic. While plastic is fine for a short while, surgical steel is often the most recommended. 

A tapered piece of ear jewellery is exactly like it sounds; it will be thinner at one end than the other. As your ear stretches, you will slide the spiral or tapered earring further into the ear. 

Tapers are usually great for stretching an extra 6mm at a time. However, you can find almost any size that you need. 

Many people choose to wear tapers as a style of jewellery after they have stretched their ears rather than switching to a tunnel or a plug. 

The taper will need to be lubricated. It will be simpler to slip through your ear-piercing hole if you do this. It also makes it easier for the ear lobe to extend.

Use something like vitamin E oil, Jojoba oil, or specifically made stretching balms instead of Vaseline.

Once your earlobe is massaged and well-lubricated, it is time to carefully slide your chosen taper into place. It is important not to rush or apply too much pressure as the taper will slide pretty easily into the hole. 

Gentle press the taper from the front and gently pull it from the back.

Do this carefully a few times until you have the taper where you want it to be.

Why do you need to do it slowly?...

Millions of people have stretched their ears and forced the taper into the hole, and most of the time, there are no issues. However, a slower rate of stretching will be more gentle on the skin and avoid tearing or bleeding. 

Allow 4-6 weeks between each size increase. This increases the chances of your lobes having minimal troubles and assuring a thick and healthy lobe, which is good if you want to opt for a larger size later on.

During the stretching process, it is essential that you keep it clean and well looked after. A simple saltwater solution is usually enough to help clean it, or you may be recommended to use an ear care solution instead.



You should pay particular attention to how you care for your stretched lobes once they've been stretched. Oil massages are the most effective technique to ensure that your ill lobe remains well. 

These oil massages will aid in the breakdown of scar tissue and improve healthy skin circulation.

You may use Jojoba oil, bio-oil, or vitamin E oil on your skin because they are all skin-friendly oils.

Spend at least five minutes massaging your lobes once a week at the very least.

Stretching your ears can give a stunning and interesting effect, and once they have healed, there is a wide range of different jewellery options that you can adorn your ears with.

Sometimes we make big life choices like body mods and later which we hadn’t. While ear stretching is easy to reverse, tattoos can be a different thing, check out: City Tattoo Removal & Their Laser Treatments

And make sure you are in the right mindset before you take on any of this alterations...

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