Tuesday 4 October 2022

Touches That Finish A Home Perfectly

If you want your home to look as perfect as possible - whatever your taste in home decor might be - then you need to pay attention to the finishing touches; the little things that most people might not think about, but those which, when they are there, add an extra dimension to the room and make it feel freshly finished...

And so what exactly are those finishing touches that make room?...


Blank walls might look okay, but if you want your home decor to really stand out then finishing off each room with at least one canvas or framed photograph is a must.

Choose artwork that you love and which does not clash with the surrounding decor -  have it professionally framed or mounted and place it where it is most likely to catch the eye for best results.


Potted plants and flowers will elevate any room they are in and make them feel simultaneously more sophisticated and relaxing.

Orchids, peace lilies and bonsai trees all add a particular hint of sophistication but any plant that is well looked after will make the room feel more finished, so be sure to have at least one plant in each space, and if you are really bad with keeping them alive, a fake plant of high quality will do too.

Window treatments...

Whether it’s perfect fit blinds by Harmony Blinds of Bristol, heavy velvet curtains or a light and breezy voile, no room will look as finished as it could until there is a window treatment in place.

Window treatments help to frame the room and give you more privacy, which is why they are absolutely essential in any stylish home.


Lighting sets the mood for every room, so it is really important you choose wisely.

For example, a chandelier with a dimmer switch would look great in the dining room when you are entertaining, candles set an intimate note in the bedroom and a relaxing one in the bathroom and table lamps are perfect for the study when close work is likely to be carried out.

Throws and pillows...

In rooms where you will be sitting and relaxing, such as the living room and bedroom, bringing in lots of texture and colour by layering throws, blankets, quilts, cushions and pillows will help to create a unique look, and more importantly, lots of comfort for you and your family.


A scented candle in each room that has been specifically chosen to match the vibe of the room, a warming cinnamon candle in the snug room or a refreshing lemon one in the bathroom, for example, will help to finish off any room nicely as it will put you in the right frame of mind for the space every time you light it.

Adding as many of these finishing touches to as many rooms as possible will ensure that your home always feels more put together than the average home, so you can get even more enjoyment out of it.

So, what are you waiting for?


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