Sunday 15 January 2023

Why you Need to Declutter Your Home

Clutter is something that creeps up on us over time.

Some of us may be better at keeping the clutter demons at bay, but even so, it still seems to manifest.

Unfortunately, clutter is associated with a lot of negative things, such as poor mental health and other physical health conditions. 

The good news is clutter is something that we can change for the better - sometimes all it takes is a valiant effort to make a difference, and things can be drastically improved.

So, let's find out why you need to de-clutter your home...

Creates Space...

Right, let's start with something that seems pretty obvious - if you rid your home of all the clutter clogging it up, it will mean you have more space which helps you feel less claustrophobic and "freer".  Things just flow better in the home.

You should try and get rid of all the things that have no value in your life now. Everything you keep needs to be useful or add some kind of value to your life. You should empty drawers - these are usually the first things to fill with rubbish, clear surfaces, and go through your sheds and attics everywhere. Get rid of furniture you never use too.

And you don't always have to get rid of something straight away. If you feel you are attached to something but deep down know it should go, why not try putting it in self storage for a few months so you get used to life without it first.

Cleaner Air...

Getting rid of a lot of rubbish makes it far easier to clean your home.  If your home is cluttered, it is bound to be difficult to clean. The house is likely to get covered in dust which just accumulates, and other things like mould, mildew and even animal dropping (yak!) can begin filling the house.

As things dry, they become airborne and will contaminate the air you and your family are breathing. This sort of situation is particularly bad for young children.

So, in essence, you really need to de-clutter your home to make it easier to clean and avoid respiratory illnesses.

Decrease of Stress...

Clutter in the home has a huge effect on your mental health.

Seeing an abundance of visual stimuli, especially if it is overcrowded and messy, can make us feel very stressed.

Clutter has the power to reduce our concentration and ability to focus too. All this stress can even make it difficult to fall asleep at night and increases worrying too. 

f you want to feel more peace and be able to relax, you need a more minimalist environment.

Saves Time and Money...

A clutter-free existence means that you no longer have such difficulty finding things, and this can waste a lot of time.

Another thing is if you do embrace more minimalism, you will spend less money as you will only buy what you need and what adds value to your home and life. It is a way of stopping impulse buying and learning how to live with less.

Who knew getting rid of clutter could be so beneficial...


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