Monday 10 April 2023

Beating That Summer Heat...

Maybe not right now, but at some-point, the time will soon come when the temperature soars and we will all be searching for ways to really "beat the heat"...

Here are a few esy tips to follow to ensure you're living in as comfortable a home as possible...

Pay Attention to Your Pipes....

Your home's plumbing can become just as damaged in warm and hot weather as it can during freezing temperatures.
Poor plumbing can actually make for a hotter home and additionally, you will need to insulate your pipes to prevent them from heating up your house more when running hot water.

Short of hiring expert pipe stress analysis services, you should go around your home and check where you can make improvements - fortunately, pipe insulation is cheap and really effective.

Open the Windows for a Great Cross Breeze...

You can close the windows to prevent hot air from coming in on a very hot day but for the most part, it's more beneficial to try to create a cross breeze throughout the property.

This will circulate cooler air throughout your home and works really well if there's a little bit of wind to help it along.
Just be sure to open your blinds, or the sounds will drive you crazy - and they can become damaged.

Additionally, a cross breeze can help remove airborne germs, allergens and even COVID from your home.

Beat the Heat with an Ice Fan...

Air conditioning is a standard appliance in states like Florida but many other countries don't use it much.

For example, less than 5% of British homes have an AC unit - I really wish I had one.
Fortunately, there are other devices you can use to keep your home cool in the summer.

One of these is an ice fan.
Ice fans actually work in a very similar way to an AC unit and this is because, like an AC device, they condense water vapours, which reduce in temperature, and then blow it across a room.

Install Outdoor Shading for Comfort...

Of course, you will also want to sit outside when it gets warmer, but when the sun is strong, it can be almost offensive, uncomfortable and really quite dangerous to do so.

An easy way to beat this is to simply install some shading over your sitting area.

This can be as simple as buying a large parasol, but more permanent and effective solutions include pull-out awnings and shutters.

These can be expensive initially but they will pretty much last forever if you look after them properly.

Upgrade Your Insulating Materials...

Your home's insulation is important for keeping in the heat but it also works to keep your home cool as well. 

And over time, insulation can actually wear away and needs to be replaced, so first, check your loft insulation to see if you need to buy some new materials.

Also, your insulated windows may need replacing or may need treatments if they are old.

Also, to help boost your insulation, you can also consider adding solar control window film that repels heat and the harmful UV rays of the summer sun.

So yes, spring is here and summer is on the way but to beat the heat, ccan check your pipes, buy an ice fan instead of AC, and check your home's insulating materials.

Happy Cool Keeping...

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