Sunday 10 November 2013

Book Review: Rock & Roll Suicides

Seeing as how this weekend has been spent with me visiting London for the very first time, meeting some lovely people and with me attending a... (wait for it...!) .... a BOOK CONVENTION, I figured the best type of post to fit in with it all simply had to be a little bit of a book review.

And with Orchard Book Club celebrating it's first birthday quite recently, I thought it even more apt that I share with you the very first book I read and reviewed when I joined them.

And here it is...

Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicides
by Geoffrey West

Although this book wouldn't normally be something I would pick up and read, I’m so glad I did.
The main character, Jack Lockwood, is very likeable and although he does try to do the “right thing”, time & time again he ends up in a predicament – each one more dangerous than the one before, fuelled partly by the fact that he falls in love far too quickly and trusts far too easily.
The plot explores musicians of the 1970's and possible mysteries and conspiracy theories surrounding their deaths.
The story is action packed, full of twists and unexpected events.
I was gripped throughout and found myself racing to read the next chapter to try find answers to questions raised in the one before.
I’m very much looking forward to “Doppelganger” – the next story by Geoffrey West!!
Short, sweet but very much to the point.
Happy Reading !

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