Thursday 7 November 2013

My Beautiful Face....

....Yeah - OK, so I'm not actually vain at all, and this post doesn't consist of me rattling on about being beautiful/pretty/lovely/etc - very far from it.

But what this post does (hopefully!) do, is relay how amazingly soft and fresh my face has been since trying out some of the lovely PR samples I acquired from the Harvey Nichols in Leeds Elemis event that I attended recently (see here).

My Beautiful Face...or at least it feels very beautifully soft and fresh right now.

I have been using this facial wash religiously day and night since I walked through my door after the event, and it really does do the trick.

 I love it.

My face feels fresh, clean and not dry at all.  Plus the very subtle scent is really nice.
Spots, and even older spot marks that I thought I would have for life, have reduce in appearance and size too!

So thank you little Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash bottle, for being a fab little product.
It retails at £29.00 for 200ml, and I think it is worth every penny.

I also began a little "moisturising properly project" after the event too - I mean, fighting off wrinkles won't happen on it's own - and I found these little samples very handy.

The Elemis FreshSkin range is designed for younger skin and this Daily Moisturiser is very lightweight and easy to apply.  It contains antioxidants, chamomile and geranium, and really leaves skin feeling revitalised.
A 50ml bottle is priced at £20.00.

Whilst I did like how soft and smooth my face felt after using this moisturiser, my favourite just had to be  The Anti-Ageing Pro-Collagen Marine Cream.

Priced at £79.00 for 50ml, this cream is quite expensive, but it is easy to see why.

This cream combines the latest in scientific research and has lots of natural marine ingredients within it, to produce a lightweight cream proven to plump skin and improve elasticity in just fifteen days.

I can 100% vouch for how great this cream is.
My skin felt fantastic after day one of using it, let alone having to wait until day fifteen to feel a result.

I massaged it into my face, and it rubbed in really well - it wasn't greasy at all, and it had a lovely scent too, which is always a bonus.

My skin felt firmer and in great condition straight away.

My only criticism with this product was that I only had a sample sized sachet to use!
I could definitely have gone for the biggest bottle possible!  :)

Once again, Thank You Elemis.

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