Friday 29 November 2013

Christmas Fun...In A Garden Centre....!

I know a lot of my posts have been Christmas related lately and it's probably only going to get worse - so I'll apologise now to any Scrooge-Likes out there now.

How can I not write about it though - there's just no denying that the Season To Be Jolly (Fa La La La La!) is well and truly upon us.

I'm really all excited this year too.

I've bought my first few Christmas pressi's this afternoon...which is slack by a lot of people's standards I know....but I'm getting there....all be it a tad slowly...

I've booked my place on our annual Family Pre-Christmas Meal.

And I've visited my favourite garden centre to check out their amazing Christmas decorations.

Now, I know, visiting a garden centre wouldn't fill most people with joy, and to be honest, at any other time of year it doesn't appeal too much to me to be perfectly honest.

But at Christmas - well, at Christmas it's a whole different story.

Woodbank Nurseries in Harden, Bingley is spectacular over the festive period and I just love browsing around.

They have such a fantastic selection of Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, and even huge, white, very magical looking unicorn and reindeer statues.

I could walk around for ages. 

Every display is colour coordinated and arranged with such precision, I can't imagine they are easy to put together.

Every tree is packed full of colour-complementing decorations that just work so well together and create a real classy, festive look no matter what your Christmas colour scheme is.

I think I could do with the person who is responsible for these creations to come and decorate my tree at home for me!

They are just beautiful.

But no Christmas-y outing would be complete without a visit from Santa himself, and Woodbank do have a Santa's grotto on site for the kiddies to visit.

Me - well I made do with finding this huge, very jolly looking version

Very festive.

Oh, and of course, Christmas is all about the children.
My very own Little Elf seemed quite taken to a few of the more novelty items the store has to offer - the cheeky monkey.

Out of all the beautiful decorations on offer, I spotted two things that I just simply have to have

My addiction to Stag's will be fed with this lovely elegant silver creation, and the beautiful white angel wings will look fantastic in my living room.

Both are certainly not just for Christmas either - they'll be out all day, everyday.

I'm sure a few other lovely things will make their way into my basket too.

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