Tuesday 12 November 2013

Senzimi Honest + Sensitive Skincare

Having a new found respect for my skincare regime, I really wanted to get my hands on some of the Senzimi Honest + Sensitive skincare range to see what it could do for me.

Senzimi products are all produced to be between 90 - 99.75% natural, and are designed to help individuals with very dry, sensitive or irritable skin.

Senzimi have spent a vast amount of time researching, and getting to know their clients properly all in order to give people the best possible information relating to a varying degree of skin complaints.

Senzimi really get to know people's skin, and are then able to produce products suitable for all sorts of issues - and their range covers the face, the body and the hair.

Senzimi kindly sent me a sample of their Sensitive Cleanser and Sensitive Moisturiser to try for myself, and whilst the samples were only between 4ml and 6ml in size, I still had enough of each to be able to maintain its use over a few days.
This was down to the fact that the products were so rich and a little of each really did go a long way.

I found both of these products really gentle on my skin.
Sometimes when using products for the very first time, my face has been known to feel very tender and sensitive afterwards - but not at all with these.

The Sensitive Cleanser is formulated to help sensitive irritated and dry skin, and is made with Jojoba oil, which restores pH levels and unclogs pores.
It is also 95% natural.

I really liked the smell of this product, and it cleaned my face well.
It stripped the oil, grime and old make - up away very gently, and thanks to its conditioning ingredients, my skin was left feeling really soft.

And no itchy, sore face afterwards - result.

The cleanser is sold in 125ml tubes, and is priced at £13.99

Senzimi recommends that the skin cleanser is followed with the skin moisturiser, and so I also made this a regular component in my routine.

Morning and evening, I massaged the slightly yellow coloured moisturiser into my skin, and found it really did do its intended job well.

This product is a massive 99.77% natural product, and contains Olive Squalan which helps to protect against age spots, and encourages cell growth.

I found this moisturiser really light and easy to apply.
It absorbed into my skin easily and quickly, and really did leave my face feeling fresh and hydrated.

I personally wasn't too keen on the smell though, but found that this soon went, once massaged into the skin.

A 50ml tube is priced at £15.99.

I think Senzimi have put a great deal of time and effort into making sure that they produce a really good, useful skincare range.

And what's more - nothing is tested on animals.

Visit https://www.senzimi.com yourself and see if they are the answer to you're skin's needs.

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