Wednesday 4 December 2013

30 Years Old & Spoilt By The Bestie

Earlier this week - Monday 2nd December to be precise - I hit the big "Three - Zero".

I am now officially the grand old age of thirty.

Goodbye twenties and cards beginning with a two...forever...


But in all honesty, I had an amazing day, and although it was a dreaded Monday, thanks to my lovely Bestie (among others), I had a fantastic, memorable day.

Don't worry - I'm not going to go on and on about it all - we all have birthday's and celebrate in different ways, and I promise that this post will be relatively short (shock horror I know!), but I just couldn't let the Big Day pass me by without mentioning a small portion of it at least.

We all know that Mondays are pretty horrendous at the best of times, especially on your birthday, when your wake up call has to be Five AM, but my lovely Bestie Beth - who is also my work colleague, and friend of seven years, eased the day a million-fold and just made me feel so blooming special and loved.

She really is so thoughtful.

It all started as soon as I arrived at my office door - it was adorned with "Happy 30th Birthday" banners - so there was certainly no hiding the fact...and I secretly loved the attention...I felt like a celeb!!

The banners continued inside the office too, and were all around my desk, and were joined by a helium balloon (wahoooo!), lots of "30" glittery sprinkles covering my desk and beautiful cards.

I was even treated to Schloer in fancy champagne glasses and Krispy Kreme doughnuts at break time.


The surprises didn't sop there though.

The lovely Beth appeared at my office door with hugs, "Happy Birthday's" and this little cream bag, filled with pure loveliness.

Oh how I squealed in excitement.

Vivenne Westwood - my goodness this girl has fantastic taste!

So delicate and beautiful - I absolutely fell in love.

The day was fantastic and I owe a lot, lot, lot of this to my lovely friend.

Thank you again Miss Beth - I loves ya lots.

I really do have amazing friends

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