Wednesday 18 December 2013

The Graffiti Kings and The TSHIRT STORE - A Very Successful Saturday

It would seem that the TSHIRT STORE had quite a fantastic opening day on Saturday 14th December, after their very successful introduction into the retail world last Thursday (here).

Saturday 14th December saw thousands of people flock to the new flagship store in Leeds, situated on the ground floor of the Trinity Centre, all wanting to see the delights that the store has to offer.

Also on hand were world renowned Graffiti Kings who had agreed to a collaboration with the TSHIRT STORE to create a fantastic piece of art, live, within the Trinity Shopping Centre.

Naturally, this caused a massive buzz of excitement among the Christmas shoppers, who all wanted to hear more and see more of the Fairtrade, organic, street-clothing brand.

The Graffiti Kings (who were the official graffiti artists for the London Olympics) worked hard between 11am and 4pm, to totally transform a full wall opposite Trinity Kitchen.

The finished creation was a very impressive masterpiece and it really helped to bring a taste of the underground subculture to the people of Leeds.

Something very important to the TSHIRT STORE owners and staff.

But that's not all.

All of this week, the TSHIRT STORE are encouraging people to pop along and take pictures of the finished art work and then tweet them using the hashtag #snapandshare to @TSHIRTSTOREUK.

In return, tweeters will receive a 20% discount code to use against their first TSHIRT STORE purchases, both online or in store.

I've sampled all that the TSHIRT STORE has to offer, and it's definitely worth a pre-Christmas splurge.

Happy Shopping

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