Sunday 15 December 2013

Onesie Wonder

Onesie, Onesie Onesie.

The chilled out lounge wear craze that has seemingly taken over the world!

Well, OK, maybe nothing quite so dramatic as that, but they are definitely popular, and I'm sure one will appear on almost everyone's Christmas list this year.

I actually remember when onesies first hit the shops and became really popular, about a year ago - I wasn't convinced at all to be honest, and just associated them with baby-wear for grown-ups!

I certainly didn't want to own one.

Even my then seven year old refused to wear one, despite all of his friends having them.
(Independent soul he is).

But oh, how things can change.

In November, my son turned eight, and he was given a onesie as a gift from his Great-Auntie - and with her having great taste (she always buys fab pressie's!) it was a really fashionable one, and he absolutely loved it.

He even wore it to school recently for a "PJ Day" so he could show it off to all of his friends.

After a little bit of research, I found out that it came from F&F at Tesco and was a purse friendly £10.

Good stuff!

So, after seeing for myself how amazingly comfy these here onesies could be, I decided that I might just want to own one myself, and yes, I jumped on the "Baby-Wear For Adults Bandwagon".

I was given the perfect opportunity to get one too, when as a Thank You for entering a Christmas competition (here), Tesco allowed me to choose a gift from their F&F's Christmas Range.

Happy Days.

Naturally, I headed straight to the onesie section, and came across this fleecy, festive, cosy little number for a fantastic £12!

It is so comfy and soft - once it's on, it won't be coming off that's for sure - perfect lounging around the house all day wear.

And I suppose it could double up as a reindeer costume too, with its little antler detail...or maybe that's just my excuse so I can wear the cosy little thing as much as possible!!

I just have the Husband to "Onesie-Out" out now and we're all sorted.

Perfect Christmas Day Outfit's!

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