Sunday 12 January 2014

A Perfect Pair - Watch Style

What an absolutely lovely chilled out weekend I've had!

My son has been busy being the little social butterfly that he is, and has been out and about with his friends for the majority of the past two days, which has meant that I have lots of time to sit back, put my feet up and totally relax.

Which doesn't happen very often - so when it does, taking full advantage is a must.

Part of this "me time" was spent having a little think about Valentine's Day this year, and contemplating what me and the Hubby should do.

To be honest, we are really quite poor with the whole celebration of occasions that don't involve our son, and usually Valentine's Day just passes us by with a little bit of a text message, or maybe a card - at a push.

Every year we insist that we will do better and that we will celebrate properly - but we never do.

Such Old Romantic's aren't we!!

But after ten years together, I suppose life just gets in the way of all that stuff really.

I've come to the decision that we have to make a little bit more of an effort, and have been thinking that this year should really be the year that the Hubby finally gets his engagement pressie from me.

Yep - I'm really that rubbish.

He's only been waiting for the watch he wanted for - oh - nine years now...but...better late than never.

In my defense though, all those years ago, I was a poor Uni student and we were still both living at home, so money was really tight - we certainly didn't have hundreds of pounds spare to spend on a lovely watch.

So today I had a little bit of a browse of the internet, and decided that The Watch Hut could provide me with exactly what I was looking for when I came across their fab Michael Kors section.

Now at the moment, and for quite some time actually, I've really quite fancied one of these highly sought after watches for myself, so naturally when I began my search, their men's section was my first stop.

I was really pleased to find this lovely, black leather strap watch, which I know will be right up the Hubby's street

It is really masculine, chunky yet really classic - something he could keep for a long time.

He would love it.


So - yes, I'll admit it - I did happen to wander myself on over to the ladies section of lovely watches too.
I mean it would be rude not to wouldn't it, seeing as I was already on the website...

And then I sort of decided that because this little watch search was all in aid of Valentines Day, it would be really lovely for the two of us to have a complementing watch each.

A real "I Love You" - His & Her's pairing.

(Great justification eh!!)

My choice of watch had to be this lovely piece of time telling technology - I've had my beady eye on it for a while

It is large and chunky, very classic, very beautiful, and although it is by the same designer as the one I chose for the Hubby, it is different enough to still be a really individual piece.

But they look lovely together and really do make the perfect pair.


Happy Valentine's Day Shopping Everyone

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