Friday 17 January 2014

A Weekend Away - In Scotland You Say...?

Although I am very much wanting to go on holiday somewhere warm, sunny and far enough away that a plane will be required this year, I am still really looking forward to hitting Scotland in July with my little family and my lovely friends.

Ten days in the warm sunshine will be absolute bliss, but until then, a weekend filled with different scenery and good friends will be absolutely fab - a nice trip away is never to be scoffed at in my opinion.

And why Scotland  - Edinburgh to be precise - I hear you ask?

Well, this is our location because myself and the lovely Nicola are attending yet another book signing event!!


I had the best day at the last one I went to (here), and this up-coming event is set to be even bigger, and filled with even more authors and more lovely books, all waiting for us to go total "fan-girl" crazy over.

I actually can't wait.

I'm even more excited now after finding out that Amy A. Bartol will be at the event.

 I met Amy at the London book signing last year, and she was lovely.
However, since then, I have read, and become totally addicted to her Premonition Series.

At the moment I am on the very last book, and as much as I can't put it down, I really don't want it to end because I just know it's going to give me a major book hangover when it's all done...what on earth will I do with my time then...

You really do actually have to read these books.

I 100% want a Reed all of my very own.

So, after this, even though we'll only be away for the one weekend, and even though most of this time will be spent crammed into a room with lots of fantastic authors (*excited*), I am planning on trying to shoehorn a few other activities in too, just to make the weekend all the more memorable.

I quite fancy taking my son to see The Loch Ness Monster for a start.

Anything to help get his imagination working overtime...not that he needs any help in this area to be fair, but still, I think he'd love trying to spot Nessie.

And with this being a total book packed weekend, and with me being a massive fan of all things readable, I really do need to have a little stop off at the very beautiful Alnwick Castle, which, among other things, was the amazing set of Hogwarts School in the first two Harry Potter films.

I can only imagine how magical and beautiful this will be in "the flesh".

And to totally top off the weekend, I think we may have to take the kiddies to see some lovely cute animals at Edinburgh Zoo.

I'm a sucker for anything cute and fluffy and I must admit, the prospect of visiting is quite exciting!

So all in all, I think we are definitely in for a pretty amazing but very tiring weekend!

Roll on July

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