Sunday 19 January 2014

The Mini-Miracle In A Weekend Box

It's getting to that stage with my eight year old that if activities don't include a TV, a screen, a controller or anything remotely technological, then he is simply not interested.

He has guidelines and time frames that he's allowed to be on these things for, and he does understand why he can't be glued to his Xbox 24-7, but that doesn't stop the grumbling or the huffing and puffing of how bored he is when "Times Up".

I was desperate to explore a Weekend Box as soon as I heard about them, and I'm pleased to say, this little box filled with creative goodness is an absolutely amazing little thing.
The Weekend Box came to life when Andy Stephenson was looking for unique, fun, educational gifts for his nieces and nephews.

He decided to give up working and gave his all to the project.

And in my opinion - it was a fantastic move.

Each box is designed to stimulate children's senses and they included four different activities.

There is:

Something to Cook 
Something to Make
Something to Explore and
Something Green
in each individual box.

The boxes contain everything required to carry out each activity - so no last minute dash to the shop for glue.

They will fit through the letterbox too - which means easy, no fuss delivery...and no dash to the parcel collection office when you've missed the postman!

My son is aware of my blog, and was genuinely pleased when I told him this package was delivered especially for him to "help Mum blogging".

He was really impatient to get started, and even agreed to a "No Technology Day" so we could work through the box.

Mini Miracles really do occur.

We had a look at the creative parts of the box first, and went straight into the sand art.

The instruction sheets are really child friendly, and because I have an eight year old, he was able to read them all himself, and follow them with very minimal help needed from me.

Everything was packed individually - four different coloured sands, and some PVA glue.  We had an old paintbrush that we used, but the glue could be spread using a finger too.

He loved it and really took his time getting the picture "just right", mixing different coloured sand together and making sure the glue stayed within the lines. 

We also gave the 3D glasses a go, and again, they were really straightforward to make with clear guidelines and everything needed was included.

The Weekend Box certainly gets a huge thumbs up from my son - and from me too.

If you have a child aged between 3-8 years then you really do need to give this box a try.

Sign up - it takes minutes - and use the code SIMONE5 to try your first box totally free!!

The boxes are usually priced at £7.50 each, but if you decide to sign up, and do so during January, then you will get every future box for the promotional price of £5 each, but ONLY if you sign up during January using  SIMONE5

There is no subscription either - you are free to cancel anytime you choose - which I think is great - there's no pressure to stay in a contract.

The kiddies are bound to love them - mine did and he can be a tad fussy at times!

Happy "Getting Creative"

*Item provided for an honest review

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