Thursday 20 February 2014

A Little Nail Painting

Nail polish and me have never really seen eye to eye in the past - especially over recent years when the only need I had for it was a quick splash over my toe nails to make my feet (urgh - feet!!) look a little more presentable out of shoes.

Having acrylic nails for longer than I care to remember has meant that I haven't really needed to paint my own nails for quite a long time now.

Plus, every nail polish I own seems to last no time at all before it's all chipped and simply, looks terrible.

However, because I have recently removed the long, very fake talons (see here) I needed to make friends with the nail polish again, and embrace it's "cover up my ugly, wrecked nails" ability.

And, thanks to the arrival of Valentines Day, and the fab gift Sharon sent me (see here) I had a very lovely, brand new polish to try out recently.

This NYC polish was a great turquoisey, aquamariney colour which I thought was really pretty.
I'm very much just a blood red or high-shine black type of girl when it comes to having the acrylics painted, but now I have short nails I am embracing the colour and experiencing a whole array of them, as often as I can.

Now the picture seems to show the polish as more of a blue shade, but trust me - it's certainly turquoise - or "East Village" as NYC like to call it.

And after applying two coats of polish to my nails - which would be sufficient enough to cover any "normal" nails - the colour shade was perfect.

The polish covered evenly and was a great texture - and the "quick dry" formula really helped - waiting around for nails to dry is definitely NOT the one.

Due to my ravaged nail condition, I applied a third coat of polish, just to cover all the disgusting bits up properly and the colour was even better - slightly darker and a bit more shimmery.

I thought I may have some problems with having so many layers on, with the polish chipping extra quickly, but, four days later, after numerous washing up sessions, numerous baths and general very un-nail careful incidents (hair washing, button fastening etc) I am STILL left with perfectly good, un-chipped nails.

A winner and a time saver.

NYC East Village polish certainly works for me!

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