Wednesday 19 February 2014

Introducing My Hubby - The Geek

I 'fessed up to my own geeky, book-loving ways a little while ago (here), so I thought that it's only right that at least one of my blog posts should "out" the Hubby's geeky ways too.

Well, I suppose my blog name already hints that I think he is a little bit of a geek at heart, so it will come as no surprise that the geeky activities are in there somewhere.

And here they are...

(Sorry Hubs!!)

My Hubby is a huge Warhammer 40k fan and loves nothing more than spending hours - and I literally do mean hours -  sitting, paintbrush in hand, painting his Chaos Space Marine miniature figures.

Now for anyone who hasn't the foggiest idea what Warhammer is, well, you're in good company to be honest.

I have no real idea either - all I do know is that there are various armies involved in the games; there are lots of rules and rule books - one specific to each army in fact, oh, and each figure can be moved determined by the throw of a dice.

The scenery part of the board-game can be made as elaborate or as simple as desired too, as it is down to players choice, but the things that can be whipped up with a bit of sand and some cardboard is pritty amazing with a bit of imagination.

And there's even a "geek club" (sorry- my nickname for it!) where, on a Friday night, off pops the Hubby, box of miniatures under one arm all ready to roll the dice and battle other enthusiasts, in a bid to be crowned "Winner!" for saving his marines from the rival army.

Like I said - lost on me - but he loves it.

And so do a lot of people to be honest.

My Uncle-In-Law was overjoyed to be given a £400 Thunderhawk Gunship (?!!?) for a recent birthday - yep - four hundred pounds - and whenever the Hubby, or my son visit our local Games Workshop they always come home with wish lists hundreds of pounds long.


I have to admit though, I do think the Hubby's painting skills are beyond fantastic.

The figures all start life as being very basic and plain and all require sticking together and building up.

Then the hours and hours of painting begin.

The detail that is put into each figurine is immense

There has recently been some cape molding going on too, completely from scratch, using "Green Stuff" - or plasticine to my novice eye!

I know I wouldn't have the patience to do any of this whatsoever.

But he loves it, and at least it keeps him busy and out of my blogging way

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