Monday 3 February 2014

I really do - I "heart" My Pets

I've always been a sucker for a cute animal.

Growing up I think I would have adopted every waif and stray cat or dog...but mainly the cats...if I could have.

My Mum put her foot down on many an occasion though.  I think she was a little bit worried at being labelled "The Crazy Cat Lady" by my inability to walk past an animal without giving her the sad eyes and asking her to bring it home.

I was determined to become a vet too, so that my days could be filled with looking after and treating all the cute bunnies and teeny kittens of the world.

Well - that was the dream anyway...until I realised that vets actually tend to see animals in the least fluffy, cute and adorable circumstances possible.

Oh - AND they may have to, on occasion, ....*gulp*....put a poorly animal to sleep...

! NOPE !

Not for me after all wasn't that career path.

So anyway, back to me "hearting" my pets.

And I do - I just love 'em....I even have full blown conversations with them on a daily basis...


My pets are a brother and sister feline duo who we adopted in December 2010 and they have totally taken over the house.

Introducing Mario and Peaches
(yep my son was a huge Super Mario Brothers fan back in 2010!)

Mario is the huge fluffy, white and ginger boy, and he is the biggest softest thing ever.

He lets me cradle him like a baby until he falls asleep, paws stuck up in the air and he's scared of his own shadow most of the time.

The thing I "heart" the most about this daft cat is how he'll just sit in the kitchen after being outside, and will continuously meow until he has my attention.  Then he'll simply sit looking at me until I realise that it is raining outside and he requires me to give him a towel rub down.

I kid you not.

Once he's all fluffed up from head to tail, off he trots, back to cat business - but not whilst his fur is wet - oh no.

Little Diva he is.

Oh - and he isn't a fan of baked beans....

Next up is Princess Peaches.

The short haired lady of the house.

She obviously has an inbuilt radar for boxes or paper carrier bags, and will stalk me around the house until I put said box/bag down.

No sooner are the items out, than she is in - as quick as a flash.

She will squeeze herself into the tiniest of things...she even had a go at getting into the pumpkin at Halloween last year.


So yes, I do very much "heart" my pets.

I couldn't be without them - in fact, I'm sure I pay more insurance for them every month than I do for myself....

Hmmm...who's the Crazy Cat Lady now then...!

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