Sunday 16 February 2014

Some Weekend LUSH-ness

After a majorly stressful week at work last week, I was certainly ready for a little bit of relaxation this weekend.

I was that busy, there were days that I didn't even mange to touch my phone/Twitter/Facebook/Blog at all during the eight hours I was at work!

Such Crazy Times.

 I decided that the best way to unwind over the weekend was to do as little as possible and to have the odd relaxing soak in the bath, filled with luxuriously, steaming warm water and some lovely LUSH bath products that I had waiting in the bathroom for occasions such as these.

The first bath I enjoyed was made all the more special thanks to this cute looking bath melt that I was kindly sent as part of a blogger Secret Santa last year (see here) - the very festive Melting Snowman.

This product is only available over the Christmas period, but he was so sweet and softening, that I couldn't not tell you about him.

Being the first bath melt I have ever used, I wasn't really sure what to expect, and it very slowly just "melted" into the bath water - nothing at all like the bath bombs I have used before - this was obviously created to be enjoyed as part of a long, leisurely relax in the water.

And that suited me just fine.

The lovely vanilla fragrance was really subtle and the coco and shea butter within really softened my skin, whilst the real chocolate drop features of the eyes and buttons smelt totally irresistible to a chocolate lover like me - but - just for the record, I DID resist and I DIDN'T eat them...!

I look forward to meeting this little guy again next Christmas.

The second LUSH product I indulged in this weekend, I have decided is my favourite LUSH product so far, and was given to me by the lovely Sharon in the Valentine Blogger Swap I recently shopped for (see here).

This bath bomb - Butterball - fizzed and flew around the bath the instant I popped it into the warm water.

It began to resemble a little ugly alien type thing after a while though because the lumps of "butter" ie coco butter inside started to become visible.

These were obviously really oily to touch and the warm water melted them down from little solid pieces to pools of liquid which floated on the top of the water and covered every inch of skin in a lovely smelling, oily film, moisturising brilliantly as they went.

The smell of vanilla and musk was beautiful, yet not overpowering, and I left the bath totally oiled up and was all soft and silky for days.


Definitely my favourite bath bomb so far...even if it ISN'T winning any prizes in the most attractive category.

I Loved My Lovely Lush Filled Few Days

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