Friday 14 February 2014

My Valentines Day

I haven't done all that bad this year to say that Valentines Day is one of those occasions that myself and the Hubby don't really buy into.

Call me tight, but I'd rather not be forced to pay double the price for an all-you-can-eat buffet meal, only to then be shoehorned into an overcrowded restaurant and be watched over by anxious waiting staff to make sure that I'm eating at an acceptable speed because my table has been booked by another couple in half an hours time.

Ooooh - what a spoil sport I sound.

But don't get me wrong, I'm all for romance, little surprises, hearts, flowers and lovely meals out, but I just don't appreciate establishments taking advantage for the sake of one day.

However, this year things seem to be a little different.

After attending my first candle party (see here) at PURE Beauty and Holistics, I found the cosey-ness of the beauty room so peaceful, and the therapist, Rachel, was just lovely, so when I found out that she was offering a Back, Neck and Shoulder massage deal especially for the men this Valentines Day, I thought I'd surprise the Husband and booked him in for one.

I'm sure there are Wife Points there for sorting him out a rub down by a beautiful brunette - and actually on Valentines Day too.

There is a little background reasoning to why I went for this gift though - the Hubby is having terrible neck issues at the moment and has been for scans, checkups, all sorts recently, so I figured this little treat would be the perfect gift for him this year.

And then there's that other man in my life - the one that always gets a special card.

My very beautiful son.

Chocolate Heart Toast, Strawberry Milk and Chocolate Treats.

I like to make him feel as special as he is.

Oh - and what about me?

Well, I never expect a thing - romance isn't exactly the top of my Husband's forte list.

But I was actually gobsmacked to wake up to this little lot today.

It would seem that nagging for flowers all year long actually paid off eventually - and my love of all things chocolate and candle shaped holds no bounds - so yep - he did good.

With Valentines treats almost over there was just one other gift to look into.

And last but by no means least was the gift from taking part in the Valentines Blogger Swap, organised by the lovely Kelly.

Granted I signed up almost too late to be part of this, but luck seemed to be on my side, and the very thoughtful and very generous Sharon sent me my lovely, well package box of goodies.

I've never had these Reece's Peanut Butter Hearts before - I'm not quite sure why though, because I just LOVE peanut butter - it's probably because I knew that I'd develop an addiction the second I tasted how amazing they are - but whatever the reason, this little heart was around for oh, all of about five seconds before I absolutely demolished it.


The nail polish is a beautiful colour and I can't wait to try it out and the MUA bronzer is right up my street and it matches my skin tone perfectly.

Throw in a lovely LUSH Butterball bath-bomb, a shimmery lip gloss and yet more sweet treats and a lovely gift is created...which has made me wonder why I don't celebrate Valentines Day like this every year.

Sharon - you did very well - I'm very grateful - "Thank You"!

"Thank You" Kel for all of the organisation!

And Happy Valentines Day To One And All

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