Friday 28 February 2014

Oaks Boutique Blogger Event

What better way could there possibly be than to spend a Thursday evening sipping prosecco, nibbling (or rather inhaling...oops!) delicious cupcakes, mingling with lovely ladies and browsing rails and rails filled with stunning clothes, all in very stylish surroundings, and all at my very own leisure?

I'll tell you what - nothing could be better.

Nothing as far as I can see anyway, and very luckily for me, this is exactly how I spent my Thursday evening this week at the very classy, the very welcoming Oaks Boutique in Leeds.

As we entered, I was struck with how coordinated everything was - the clothes were put together with other colour complementing pieces, and it made for very lovely, striking arrangements.

We were made very welcome indeed by the lovely Oaks ladies, and were plyed with beautiful cupcakes and drinks galore, whilst being encouraged to browse the rails, and try the clothes.

I was in my element.

Naturally, I initially homed in on all of the beautiful sparkles and all of the statement necklaces first - they were very pretty and hard to resist.

I fell in love with so many things - I can't actually believe I walked away resisting the urge to buy anything...but I was strong and said "No" to everything...although I am beginning to regret my decision to leave the beautiful black coat was just so blooming gorgeous....


If I had to whittle down my "Wish List" from the evening to just three things - well, it would take a while, but I think I would choose the following:

The stunning, very classic, very "go with anything" back belted coat just has to head the top of the list - it was so very nearly mine too - damn you sensible head - it was just fab!

I would also pick this beautiful, but quite dangerous and very sharp black Alexander McQueen style clutch bag - it was very "Rock Chick" and I love all things studded and spiky.

And last but by no means least, these beautiful, very sparkly nude pumps would have to be mine too - I mean who doesn't love a little bit of bling, and these certainly ticked that box perfectly yet without being too over the top - they would definitely add a touch of glamour to the most casual of dress-down-jeans-days - and I just love 'em.

Not that there weren't another ten things that could have quite easily been added to this list too, but I'll stick with a top three or this post could become v-e-r-y lengthy.

Oooh but I simply can't leave out the accessories.

Oaks had some ah-mazing statement rings, bracelets, necklaces and shoes on offer - they really are a little "one stop shop" for that whole, complete, perfect outfit.

There were beautiful dresses in abundance, all very striking and extremely classy - not things likely to be found on the high street either - and they were really reasonably priced.

I fell in love with these pleated skirt maxi dresses - each could be dressed up so differently using different variations of belts and accessories, and this feather bottom dress caused quite a stir between the blogger ladies - it was just so cute and so different.

It was lovely having the opportunity to catch up with all of the fab bloggers too - many I have met before, but meeting new girlies always makes for a great evening too - Oaks really did have everything covered.

Photograph shamelessly stolen from the Oaks boutique's Facebook page - sorry if anyone objects, it's such a good pic!
What's more - yes there's more - we were each given a crammed goody bag to take home with us as well.


How beautiful!

And how generous were the Oaks Ladies to us

Sweeties, a beautiful scarf, a gorgeous purse and this amazingly delicate, sparkly, simply stunning bracelet.

I got my sparkles after all.

Thank you Oaks Boutique for inviting me to this wonderful event - it was great.

Make sure you pop along.

I can safely say - I shall be back

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