Tuesday 8 April 2014

Argan Dew Hair Pampering

Man Alive!

This weekend has been one of absolute hair nightmares - what an absolute blooming mess mine has been.

I was certainly rockin' the "Birds Nest" look for the majority of the time that's for sure.

But I hadn't brushed it for three days so I couldn't really expect beautiful looking locks now could I.

I simply favoured the "scoop-sweep-capture in a bobble" maneuver which allows messy excuses for hair dos to be hidden and slightly disguised from the normal, hair brushing public.

And as for washing the hair - Pah!


That chore certainly hadn't been attempted for...well...for a 'while' shall we say.

But then I remembered I had some lovely samples to try out that could prove to save the day - they contained my favourite hair-saving miracle ingredient you see - that solver of all hair woes: Argan Oil.

So try them out I did.

The samples in question were kindly sent to me by Argan Dew, a company based in Israel, who specialise in collecting and extracting the argan oil found in the fruits of the very rare Argan Tree.

Argan Dew are then able to produce products combining this collected oil with their own range of developed ingredients which rejuvenate, nourish and care for hair from root to tip.

I had three Replenishing Hair Mask samples to trail, as well as some Argan Oil itself.

Now, knowing how neglected and knotty my hair was, after washing and conditioning as normal, I applied the hair mask and then waited...well...chilled out in the bath should I say...for a while for it to work it's magic properly.

As my hair is so thick I figured I would just whack on all three of the sachets at once and give my hair a long overdue burst of moisture...and plus I figured that the more mask I lathered on at once, the easier the days and days worth of knots would hopefully be to rake out of my head.

The mask itself just seemed to be well and truly crammed into the individual packets - there was just so much of it in each one of them.

And it smelt beautiful.

The mask itself was really thick and luxurious, and it kind of shimmered a little bit - which I really liked.
It coated the hair brilliantly when it was rubbed through.

I left all three packets worth to work there magic for fifteen or so minutes, then I rinsed it off, towel dried my hair and added the Argan Dew Oil.

Now, I've used oil on my hair before (see here) so I knew that just the one packet of this would be enough, even for my thick mop of hair. 

The oil was an orangey colour and again, the small packet was slightly deceptive as it held loads.

Rubbing the oil through my hair, I could tell a difference immediately - the water left in my hair seemed to vanish and it felt a lot dryer a lot faster.

Brushing it - well, that was kind of crazy - apart from the odd expected knotty section, the oil allowed my brush to glide through my hair really easily - which is always a huge plus in my opinion.

After drying my hair properly - which took a lot less time than usual - I found that I didn't need to get the straighteners out for my hair in order to make it "step-outside-acceptable".

It was really shiny, manageable and with a lot less frizz.

And even after a very cold, drizzly, windy rugby match, with my hair being whipped all over the place it brushed through so easily and saved loads of time, effort and stress.

So yep - I actually do love Argan Dew

*Product given for an honest review

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