Saturday 5 April 2014

Loving The All New "Dolly's Boutique"

I've been looking for a way to jazz up my wardrobe without spending an absolute fortune for ages now, and I really love how "in" all of the big statement jewellery pieces are at the moment - especially the necklaces.

But what my slightly poor, not-wanting-to-part-with-my-cash self does not like is the hefty price tag all of the really nice quality ones seem to have.

Don't worry, I've had a peek at all my usual, cheaper shopping venues too of course but nothing has really grabbed my attention there.

~ However ~

My lovely friend of, Oooh quite a few years now, very kindly introduced me to her brand new venture
Dolly's Boutique.

Now, this friend of mine - the lovely Holly - well, she certainly knows all of her fashionista stuff.

We met years ago when we both worked in retail and she was the "accessory girl" back then....these days I call her the Accessory & MAC girl, but that's another story for another time.

She really does know what's in, what's hot and what's going to sell.

And judging by the four necklaces (shhh - don't tell The Husband) I have just put my name on....

....and the two - two at the moment may I add - that I really want which haven't even arrived through her door yet, she's going to be a success.

The prices are bloomin' amazing I have to add - between £3 and £18 - so even a bargain hunter like me can justify a splurge.

I can't wait to get mine on and style up some outfits with them...which I'll certainly be posting for all to see.

But don't just take my word for it - pop on over to Dolly's Boutique and take a peek yourself.

Just don't blame me when you order the lot

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