Thursday 17 April 2014

Blogger Holiday: Take One - Sykes Cottages Did Good!

Well it's been almost a week since myself and a handful of other blogging lovelies set off for our much anticipated Blogger Holiday, so I figured it's way overdue that I begin to tell you about's going to take a few posts to get through it all, I'll warn you now.

I for one had a fantastic time.
I don't think we could have had a better group of ladies put together - no bitchiness, no awkwardness, no arguments and plenty of laughs.

Exactly what you want after a hurrendous last week of term at work, and a perfect weekend away combination.

The holiday began on Friday afternoon when Kelly picked me up and we crammed my three overflowing bags into her already packed full car (I think we'd packed for at least a week!) and then off we went.

My excitement levels grew as the journey progressed, especially when the amount of traffic we saw became less and the views gradually were replaced with lots of lush, beautiful greenery and so many cute, teeny tiny baby lambs.

The excitement levels just spilled over when we turned a corner in the road and *boom* there was the sea!

I actually recall excited squeals occurring.

And then there we were - Arnside in Cumbria.

Very pretty indeed.

Our very beautiful home for the weekend was this fab apartment named Mountain View and it was introduced to us by the brilliant Sykes Cottages, who have places to rent throughout the UK.

This little building was literally a stones throw from the beach and conveniently situated next to a shop and Arnside's two (yep, just the two) village pubs.

The views from the amazing living room window seat were just beautiful...

And the perfect place to enjoy a 7am Saturday morning coffee I found.

Once the car was unloaded, I raced around the apartment and just fell a little bit in love.

Every room was beautifully presented, stocked full of everything possibly needed, was spotlessly clean and really welcoming - I quite fancied it being my own home to be honest. 

The main bedroom was just stunning - I know a few of us quite fancied pinching both the main bed and the day bed to take home with us.

Oh and it had an en-suite too - perfect.

The other two bedrooms were equally as lovely too.

Myself and Sammie shared the double room and the bedroom was big enough for us both and our array of clothing and beauty products, with the bed being oh-so comfy.

We had an amazing time in the house, it was so comfortable and had a real relaxed feel to it - a real holiday home away from home.

I loved it.

However, I have a feeling that the people of Arnside were a tad shell-shocked when a gaggle of laughing ladies walked into their domain and for me, this was the only, teeny-tiny downside of our weekend...I mean who on earth laughs - in a pub - on a Saturday night...

Apart from this minor drawback - we still had fun - the weekend was fantastic and I just couldn't fault it.

Great accommodation - Thanks Sykes Cottages.

Great food - Thanks Sammie & Hayley's Mum.

And Great, Great Company - Thanks Ladies.

Here's to next time - I actually can not wait

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