Friday 18 April 2014

Blogger Holiday Take Two - All The Alcohol!

Post Number Two about our fantastic weekend away is here.

As you must be well aware by now, the fab people at Sykes Cottages allowed us into their Mountain View cottage (see here) and upon arrival the extremely talented chef Sammie tantalised our taste buds with an amazing Mexican feast.

Honestly, this girl can cook, and whilst my burrito folding failed to impress (I obviously took no real notice at our Barburrito Master Class - see here), I battled on and stuffed as much beautiful food into my mouth as possible.

And naturally, with any good food there must be some good drink to accompany it and this was something we brought with us in absolute abundance.

I think we had every drink imaginable, which was very lucky really as those very generous people at drinkstuff kindly sent us an amazing, all-you-could-need cocktail making set and ten very stylish cocktail glasses.

I was adamant I wanted one of the Mason Drinking Jar Glasses and it is now proudly sat in my kitchen at home.


Naturally all of these items were put to very good use, and we began our alcohol shenanigans with a cocktail created by the very clever Hayley and encouraged (thankfully!) by Kelly: 

A Beergharita

~ Beer
~ Tequila
~ Lemonade
~ A Slice Of Lime

They were beautiful, and I'm not usually a beer fan, but they worked perfectly with the Mexican feast and led us perfectly into an evening...well, a weekend actually...of more experimental cocktail making.

And why on earth not!

We had Cocktails, Onesies and Frozen on DVD - A Girls Night In done to perfection.

Thanks drinkstuff for allowing us to consume our alcohol - and our calories - in total style.

Such A Creative Blogging Bunch

*Cocktail glasses and Cocktail Making Set sent free of charge for us to use, enjoy and review

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